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faith and fitness challenge

The Lord has been asking me to do REALLY uncomfortable things as of lately. Anybody? Anybody else feeling the same type of squeeze? Here’s how you know you are hearing from God and He is asking you to do something….YOU DON’T WANT TO DO IT! It makes your REALLY uncomfortable. And yet, in the quiet of your heart, you know what He is asking you to do lines up with who you are at the core of your truest and freest self. You were designed to live your life following the fullness of His commands. His commands are in place because He loves us. His love is the cause, and the effect is our obedience.

Every night around 7 pm I have a craving. “Something sweet. I just need something sweet. I’ve had a long hard day, and something sweet would hit the spot.” So see, you’re not alone in your struggle against your flesh and blood that CRAVES…I get it. Sure I am craving something sweet. But really it’s the comfort; the “let down” of a hormone called serotonin that gets released when I eat something sweet. But what if I reached for something greater? What if instead of the temporary let down of a momentary comfort, I reached higher for my Comforter. How else will I know my Comforter unless I reach for Him when I am in need of comfort.

But the Comforter, [which is] the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.- John 14:26

Our modern culture does not set us up well to handle discomfort. We have a LOT of resources in place to help calm our inconvenient moment of ache; boxed foods for late night cravings, drive-thrus for when we are pressed for time, cyber rooms for when we feel alone, internet porn for a quick sensual release, quick cash (with 20% interest per day) from the corner loan center. All of these seem to offer a quick release or a “let down” that gets our hopes high for a minute while our King of all comfort says “Draw near to me, and I will draw near to you”. Come to me with your craving and I will satisfy. I want to back up what I have taught you about myself in my Word.

At our core, we are addicts. Addicted to comfort.

The Comforter is calling. But as long as we run to other resources instead of the one who is The Source of all that is good, we will never fully inherit His promises for today. Take courage in that next uncomfortable moment and let Him become your enough. He is more than sufficient. Take a bite out of His comfort. There’s plenty of Him to go around.

Take courage in that next uncomfortable moment and let The King of Comfort come. Take a bite out of His comfort. There’s plenty of Him to go around for your times of need. Train your body to follow wherever the Spirit leads, even if it’s into the most uncomfrotable places. 

This #WorkoutWednesday you are invited to move your body and listen to this Reving The Word podcast/workout on the topic of comfort. If you are brave and aching for change, you will lace up and press play. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast for all trainings and teachings. (Android users: download that Podbean app and search ‘Revelation Wellness’)

And finally….are you enrolled yet in the #CleanHearting 30-day faith THEN food and fitness challenge? This is a name your price event!  For ANY tax-deductible donation amount, we will train your heart so your body and will can get in line. 30 days of daily heart-cleaning, spiritual training, devotionals supported with a workout calendar, access to RevWell TV, recipes, snacks and meal planning based on God’s concept of clean eating. Sign up now! The challenge closes on September 11th at 12 pm EST and begins Monday, September 12th at 5 am EST! The doors will shut. Grab a friend and let’s get cleaning!

His love.



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Cathy Perez August 31, 2016

My comforter my strength my rock


Denise August 31, 2016

Thank you for this very timely word, Alisa! It was exactly what I needed to read after two evenings of struggling with cravings. Blessings! Still praying wisdom over you, sweet friend!


Rachael Gilbert August 31, 2016

"At our core, we are addicts. Addicted to comfort." LOVE!


Tracy Meuschke August 31, 2016

I love Revelation Wellness so much! So many dont realize the faith and fitness go together! I have been on my faith with fitness journey for a long time now but am excited to take on the clean hearting challenge and dig deeper ♡ thanks for following Gods call to this!


Evelyn Benedict August 31, 2016

hey! Is there a workout that I follow on my tv or iPad on here, or is the podcast THE workout?


Alisa Keeton August 31, 2016

Just push play. It will walk you through an audio workout for when you go for a walk, run, hike, bike or you plan to move your feet for cardio. It is not a strength training or circuit style workout


Alisa Keeton August 31, 2016

AND WE LOVE YOU!! Welcome!


Diana Abercrombie September 10, 2016

Just signed up for the cleanhearting challenge! Can't wait to get started! I will be praying for all of us that we will keep our hearts and minds focused on our Lord and honoring Him with our mind, bodies and souls!

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