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Today marks 14 more days until our next brigade of faith-based fitness instructors set sail into the wild and free. I can barely contain my little-girl-giddy. It is STILL my greatest desire to see people living well and free as a child of God. I long for people to know that they are not a disappointment, they are God’s delight!  After 25 plus years as a fitness professional I am more convinced than ever; train people up in the love of God and their bodies will get in line. Their bodies will no longer be the problem from which they work, but Jesus will be The Answer from where they live.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. – Psalm 37:4

On this #motivationmonday I had to share this amazing story from our RevWell TV friend, Rachel. A few days ago she freely posted her testimony back in our Facebook monthly challenge page, and it made me bubble up with joy. THIS is why we are convinced the world needs more fitness teachers, gospel preachers. This is what happens when The Spirit of power, love and self-control take over – it eventually works its way out of you and into the world! This is living from The Answer!

I sought out food to be my everything my whole life until this last April. He gently, but oh so persistently, beckoned me to rest in Him and make Him my everything instead. He finally got to my heart and my short 4-month journey has transformed me in the ways my heart longed for all my life. This isn’t a gimmick. He is renewing me from the inside out. The inside work is what I TREASURE, and the outside restoration is giving me proof that His ways are the only way.

I just wanted to share what God has done for me. It’s only been four months of healing from a lifetime of “heart disease.” I hesitate to post any “before and afters,” because it’s NOT about the literal weight loss. That very point is something He had to address with me from the very beginning. That was HARD to believe and accept reaching over 300 pounds. But when I look at these pictures, I can literally see what He is restoring. He is allowing ME to be restored even after years of choosing food over Him. He is welcoming me back with open arms and so many good, good promises.

If there is anyone in this group that is trying to accept that it’s not about the number on the scale going down, I just want to encourage you to surrender that to Him. Just rest in Him. Just meet Him daily in a new type of worship, movement! Just eat foods to His glory. Dedicate your meals to Him with a heart of thanksgiving, every single meal. Start looking at your heart to measure your “weight loss” instead of the scale.

He gave me a promise to change my heart, and HE IS. And the rest of my body must submit to His will!

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KA-BOOOM!! (That’s the sound I hear in my head when I hear Godly truth, rooted in LOVE – it clears the way of all blocked paths!) Thank you Rachel for motivating all of us this Monday and reminding us to keep the main thing, the main thing! Freedom looks so good on you! We can’t wait to hear what He does next for you. You are an agent of change!

If you are still reading this post, perhaps you are made to join us in making all things new in the world of fitness. Our enrollment specialists are waiting to talk with you about becoming a Revelation Wellness® instructor. Download your packet, schedule your conversation, and we will see you on-line on Monday, August 22nd.

His love.


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Marni August 8, 2016

Go God! This is amazing! Inspiring! God is going to use your story to change lives! Bam!!!


Monique August 8, 2016

What step did you take toget to this point... I need encouragement. I need to be delivered from bad eating habits, smoking... I need a miracle, cause I feel so lost.


Maxetta August 8, 2016

Amazing! Just amazing! God is SO great!


Judy Walden August 8, 2016

You are an inspiration to me . . . thank you for sharing your journey . . . lives are being transformed one heart at a time . . . God bless you. xo


Alisa Keeton August 8, 2016

Monique, I can't speak specifically for Rachel herself, but I can say it begins with bottoming out. Like you know that nothing else will do but learning to lean into the love of Jesus. Then you take that one step at a time. His children know His voice and He speaks. Cast out all the voices in your head and ask the FAther "Father, what's ONE thing I can do today to give you glory, honor and praise with my body?" Listen. He will speak. Then do that. Do it like your life depends on it, because it does. (at least your life of peace and power. Peace and power is found in obedience.) Rachel has found relationship with a relational God who is her Father. Just ask. He will speak. Then keep asking and asking each day. Resolve to eat the word more than you eat empty calories. His word is nourishment for your mind. And a healthy mind leads to a healthy body; one day at a time.


Nancy Trimble August 9, 2016

I am Rachel's mother in law and she has been such an inspiration to me since she has started this. It has been such a blessing to hear her share the process and how Christ has spoken to her heart helping her deal with truth and insecurities in her life. I praise God for her attitude and giving her strength every day to be confident and willing to let God work in her heart. I consider her the daughter I never had and love her so much. This program works because it is Christ centered and if we are open and willing He will work miracles in our life. Praise the Lord!


Alisa Keeton August 10, 2016

Oh Nancy! You have a golden one right there. She's breaking the mold and the chains, in the name of Jesus. From Rachel will come a new generation. She's just getting started!

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