When Love Makes You Over

When Love Makes You Over

Revelation Wellness August 15, 2016 (11) comments

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It’s Monday morning. Most likely 80% of you have stepped on the scale this morning to assess the damage done. The result is a worried song that sounds something like this; “When does it end? When does the joy of the Lord become my strength? I know the Lord loves me, but this weight! Lord, help me with this weight!”

So you head to your quiet time looking for another iron anchor you can throw down into the stormy waters of your heart.

You are not a disappointment. You are God’s delight. He sees your heart, all that is in it and weighs it down; The love that left that said they would never leave. The denied good word when you did good. The parent that didn’t parent you. The boss that didn’t promote you. Heavy, heavy and heavier your heart has grown. And now the mirror seems to mock the weight that you feel by convincing your unrenewed mind into thinking that some of this loved denied has got to do with the weight that you see. And the media you see concurs.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight. Nothing at all. But if your primary motive to lose weight is to find that strong and beautiful girl that is buried alive inside of you, to prove to yourself and others your worth, be careful not to make your excavation dig about finding that girl. That girl got buried in the ground when Jesus was lifted high.

Make your weight-loss dig about recovering your heart that is hidden in Christ and you will find abundant treasures of the Kingdom, as well as meet the True you;  the Royal, brave and courageous one whose throne is kept next to her King. This Empress loves pretty things because light attracts light, yet she is not afraid of the dark. She is quick to leave a lavish party when she hears the battle horn cry.  She charges the darkness with a sword in her hand and a song in her heart. She knows what it’s like to be a prisoner of fear and shame, but love has set her free. It’s now the delight of her design to fight for freedom that comes from knowing the power of this Love.  She has been made over by Love. 

God is coming to give you your free and full life and it does not include a heavy heart. We all are meant to feel pain without becoming swallowed up by pain or swallowing things to help us numb the pain. What if we trained our hearts to come alive to God’s love that is all around us? His love will sweep us off our feet, take us on walks, runs, hikes, bikes or onto the kitchen dance floor. His love is the best calorie burn!

#MondayMotivation Music:

Take 5 minutes to listen below, to prepare your heart to ask the questions that follow

#MondayMotivation Questions:

God, what do I need to know about your love for me that I don’t know?

What would you like me to do to act on the knowledge of your love for me?

Feel free to share your revelation in the comments section below. The Revelation Wellness prayer team and I will be sure to partner with you in prayer. Breakthrough is now!

His love.


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Erika McKee August 15, 2016

The Lord is telling me to not let anything distract me from His presence. Even in a problem....just one word and He can bring peace. Even my weakness...just one word and I am changed. We struggle and make big of our situation, forgetting the God who can change anything in a moment!


Cindy August 15, 2016

God spoke to me through you this morning. God bless your ministry. Your words spoke healing and love over me.


Nikki August 15, 2016

Amen! Thank you! God is faithful!


Emily August 15, 2016

LOVE this devotion today. So encouraging and helped me get refocused on this Monday morning. I want my steps to be led by God & I am at a point in my life where I'm asking "what now? what am I supposed to be doing with my life?" My plan is to not fear, keep focused on Christ, and he will direct my path. And in this process, move my body & stay healthy for the best me that I can provide for my family!


Tammy August 15, 2016

Thank you for your encouragement. I have struggled in the past year dealing with a divorce. I have been pressing into God and finding my worth and value in Him alone. Recently, in our church I was asked to facilitate a group for eating disorders. I agreed to take this group if needed. So far, only two women have come forward with an interest to be in the group. Then suddenly, a new friend called to ask me to come sit with her at a behavior facility while she was being admitted for anorexia. I usually am not the leading person but a great follower. Especially after my divorce, I have very little energy and at times I feel more self centered than ever. I don't know Gods plans for me but I understand He has the very best in mind, Jeremiah 29:11. Please say a prayer for me as I continue into a new season of my life. I know God is in control. I know He hears the voices of His children. Thank you for lifting me up as I do the same for you.


Beth Sloan August 15, 2016

"You are not a disappointment. You are God's delight." I need to hear this over and over!!! I asked God what I needed to know about His love for me that I didn't already know. He clearly showed me that I see Him like a child sees her father. She can only understand life through her very immature mind and experiences. But her father has so much more for her. Even though she thinks life is pretty small and she can't see any other way to live, her father is assuring her there is so much more. Keep pressing in. Keep growing and maturing. Keep doing what she already knows to do -- and she will discover more and more of what her father has for her. He delights in her. He's not holding back. He's making amazing plans for her future. And, What would You like me to do to act on the knowledge of Your Love for me? Live in expectation!!! (NOT doubt!) More WILL be revealed! Thank you Jesus for speaking to me today! Your little girl, Beth


Crystal August 15, 2016

Loved this song .. and I had my quiet time today and cried out to God to please reveal what I am suppose to be doing .. I need to find a job that helps my husband financially he works way to much and i take care of our boys and have a small MLM business but I have felt I am made for more and my passion has always been health and fitness but becoming a trainer has always been on the back end of my mind . But the cost is always the issues as having 4 boys and one income budget is always tight. But I have been praying for months for God to let me know what I need to do.. to use my gifts but also be able to help my husband financially. I do all I do without any money in my head.. I have helped many an inspired few to get on better health and start moving.. I feel inspired and happy doing that. I have my own gym at my house and lots of workout videos I use.. so fitness is not new to me.. but this way seems perfect fit .. I just would love prayers ..


Alisa Keeton August 16, 2016

We will be praying for you Crystal. God knows. Take up your stance of peace and enjoy His presence. He's in a good mood. And you give Him great joy. -Peace


Emily Baxter August 22, 2016

I asked God what I need to know about His love that I don't know. And he answered by telling me His love envelops me, it fills in EVERY space. There aren't any parts of me that His love doesn't cover. I can rest in that this morning. Grateful for this ministry and they way it has enriched my workouts and my quiet times these last few weeks. My husband ran to a podcast this morning. Now he's hooked too! Thank you, Jesus! Thanks so much, Emily


Alisa Keeton August 22, 2016

Emily, So good. Thanks for doing the real, hard and messy work with us. God WILL work it all out. And YAY on your husband getting trained up too. We are the body of Christ - brothers and sisters of the King most high. Training towards the common goal of God made known on earth today requires ALL of us at the table. So it's good news to us when we hear the brothers are pressing "play". - peace


Jodie martin August 27, 2016

Idk even where to start. But I found your site 3 days ago searching for Gods way to loose weight. I've done everything out spent tons of dollars all of my efforts failing. I honestly have never trusted God truly to help me In this area. I've just had temporary success in weight loss. This has been a life long battle , I'm hoping this place will help me get to the place with Him to get the victory.

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