A Healed Heart = A Healthy Body

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I had a moment yesterday. A moment where I had to quickly find my right mind that I was losing quite rapidly.

Our family day, yesterday was comprised of seeing a movie followed by dinner out.(I know most do it in the other order, but for this mid-life woman who craves her bedsheets by 9:30 pm, the dinner followed by a movie schedule only means it’s highly likely a $20 uncomfortable movie nap is going to happen. Just saying.)

After a nice meal and some fun conversation, the kids asked if we could wander the mall a bit. Simon and I said “Sure.” Without fail, my sweet Sophia hunted out every store with a smell good candle and pretty things hanging on the walls, while the boys stayed close behind, wandering into stores with various things that whirl and buzz.

And then I lost my mind…

Not even 30 minutes of eating, while still digesting my food, I found myself in a dressing room, trying on a pair of body-hugging workout pants. First off…I am pretty sure the lights in this dressing room were of search and rescue wattage, while the mirrors had me surrounded and under arrest. I like to think of myself as a woman has recovered from being self-critical and analyzing (those days ended along with my competition days), but in this moment I was spiraling – “What’s going on here? How come I never saw that before? What the??… ” It wasn’t pretty. Not to mention trying to get these very stretchy pants over my very muscular and athletic thighs felt like I was wrestling a tourniquet, northward. Then, of course, the classic muffin top was achieved once the pants did reach its proper position on my hips.

People…I have news for you.. EVERY person with flesh on his/her bones, who places a tight, thick, rubber band around their waist, will have the same result…flesh..spilling over. Especially when she/he sits down. It’s called displacement – and it’s a law of physics. If you have a physical body, you are subject to the laws of physics. The only way out of this “pants displacement predicament” is NOT to have a body, which is EXACTLY what the enemy of our souls (who only steals, kills and destroys), is hoping we will choose. Eating less and less, starving ourselves more and more, until NO flesh is left to be displaced; slowly fading away into skin and bones with barely any energy for thoughts or body fat for warmth.

Quick! Find your right mind. Health, divine health, is your birthright.

Health comes from the word “to make whole”. We had health, once upon a time, but our failure to believe in the goodness of God and instead believe the lies that accuse, stole our God-given right to divine health. But God. Jesus came to restore health to a dis-eased people. Raise your hand if you are in need? He asks you now, “Do you want health?” Just be sure to leave your scales and tape measures behind and keep your Gospel goggles strapped on tight for when you enter the funny house of mirrors and lights.

Divine health that God gives us can not be measured until it works its way out from the deepest healed aches of our hearts. “To make whole” is to be content in ALL things. That way food, fitness, funny mirrors or flesh folds have no way of becoming our masters; a functional god – giving us a momentary fix without an eternal “it is well with my soul”.

A healed heart = a healthy body.

So let’s get to training our hearts! You have 7 days left to join us for Clean Hearting; our 30-day faith THEN food and fitness challenge. 30 days of cleaning out all the junk that keeps us focusing on the junk. You will get 30 days of heart, mind, soul and body training; 30 days of daily email devotionals, RevWell TV workouts, a workout calendar (for all levels of ability), a private Facebook group, Facebook Live teachings with me, as well as 30 days of clean eating recipes, meals, snacks and a weekly shopping list for your convenience. All of this for ANY donation amount of your choice. (Suggested donation amount is $10, but we sure welcome the best that you can give as we give you our very best to you for 30 days!) All donations are tax-deductible, and 10% of proceeds raised will go to CAM; a children with special needs ministry in Mexico. Sign ups close Sunday, September 11th at 12 pm EST. The Clean Hearting challenge begins Monday, September 12th at 5 am EST.

clean hearting challenge

Feel free to leave below any questions you might have or give me a virtual fist-bump if you are refusing to let the law of displacement discourage or disappoint you one more day.

His love.


alisa keeton

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    I am really interested in the possibility of this wholeness 30 journey. Here is one big reservation for me. Often when I look to eat more whole… Which is not often but if I do I notice a lot of recipes are with nuts or legumes of some kind.

    My kiddo has quite a bit of food allergies. Could you give me an idea of what meals or shopping lists look like. I would love for my whole family to eat more whole but I am not sure how that would work with my sons allergies.

    Thanks you in advance. Sorry for being long winded.

  2. Hi Alisa

    I am really interested in the possibility of this wholeness 30 journey. Here is one big reservation for me. Often when I look to eat more whole… Which is not often but if I do I notice a lot of recipes are with nuts or legumes of some kind.

    My kiddo has quite a bit of food allergies. Could you give me an idea of what meals or shopping lists look like. I would love for my whole family to eat more whole but I am not sure how that would work with my sons allergies.

    Thanks you in advance. Sorry for being long winded.

  3. So understand what you are say, there was an issue u thought was behind me and then I had to write about it. After writing the first of 4 pages I cried, my thoughts were ” I thought I had dealt with this long ago?” But the enemy wanted me trapped again. Not this time, I want freedom like I have never had berfore. Thank you for offering Clean hearting and wl2fm can’t wait to see what God will do.

  4. I can totally relate to this!!! I’d also like to think I’m healed from body issues. Until, like you, I decide to try on a pair of pants. Why is it that the lighting and mirrors in a dressing room seem to reveal the most unflattering details of yourself? In the past, a trip to the mall would leave me spiraling out of control and turning to food for comfort. Today, I try to dig a little deeper to uproot the lies I’ve been lead to believe regarding what my body should look like. I have to be honest. Some days, even after digging, I turn to food. The difference being, now I’m assured there’s no condemnation. Before it would only mean to restrict my self the coming week, which never ended well. Revelation Wellness has allowed me to see my body and fitness is a totally different light. A Godly light. Thank you for allowing God to use you. I’m so blessed to have found this ministry. Alisa, I’m a work in progress but I’ll keep striving each day to align my thoughts and actions with those of the Father.

  5. Alisa it seems like every time I check my email or Facebook there is an encouraging word from you that helps me to refocus. I am in a very sad place right now – mt husband is going through chemo to treat metastatic prostate cancer, and I have gained 50 pounds over the past 5 years due to antidepressants. The GOOD thing is that I am not “depressed”, just worn out. I believe God is going to heal my husband, and I know that I CAN lose 50 pounds – but the fact is that both of these things consume me. We have 2 daughters at home (13 and 14) and we both work 40+ hours/ week.

    I’ve decided to try to get up at 5:00 AM each morning to workout (I was in VERY GOOD SHAPE once upon a time), and I know I can control what I eat but I’ve usually LOST CONTROL before that occurs to me.

    Anyway – I say all this to say thank you, because your emails and Facebook posts speak to me. God uses you to speak TRUTH back into my wandering mind.

    –Cathie Fuqua

  6. Praying for you and yours. But it sounds like you have a healthy mental attitude going on in such a difficult time. Life has seasons and to expect ourselves to freeze our bodies in a world with changing seasons is utterly impossible. Just ask a pregnant woman who is bringing forth LIFE to try and freeze her body. We all are life bearers, doing the very best we can in a world that isn’t set up for easy. Trust God and love people. He will see you through.

  7. This spoke volumes to me. I have been dealing with this and let it get to me. I forget that I have been working out to make myself healthy and strong which has changed the shape of my body. I have to let myself that this is good thing and that I have been feeding myself properly. Then I see the pics in the magazine, tv and social media and I start to feel bad. I need to focus more on my divine health and trust God on this journey.

  8. I have been praying for God to help me find the right thing for me to stick to…. here is one reservation from me too.

  9. Helen, He is our ever present help in a time of need. Don’t stick to a program, stick to Jesus. He is your program 🙂 “But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.” James 1:6

  10. I’m so grateful I found this ministry !!! Ive been told 100x I don’t know why u can’t loose weight! But I’ve never whole heartedly trusted that God could help me in this area–that this was my issue to fix. I gave up the scale a month ago and quickly found u. I can honestly say it’s been very freeing not to get on that scale and be under constant condemnation. I’m so looking forward to the clean heart challenge! I signed up last week

  11. I work at Soma, fitting women into bras and panties. When I measure a woman, usually I try not to tell her what I got for this reason. Inevitably, they will ask and I’ll tell them. If I see disappointment or hear a gasp, I tell them, “It is a number and a letter, that’s it!! It helps me find a great fitting bra for you, it does not define who you are!” Thanks for sharing Alisa!!

  12. Yes, yes, yes! It’s about so much more than the numbers! Sure, as high as I started out…I like to see those numbers go down. But I sure do LOVE the feeling that I get knowing that I love ME now…for who I am, good or bad days. Can’t wait to start the challenge and especially start instructor training hopefully next year!

  13. I recently had a moment such as this but the culprit was a sports bra instead of pants. As I struggled to get it over my head and over my chest I almost pulled a muscle. One it was popped into place with a smack of elastic I looked in the mirror and all I saw before me was bulging skin and “back fat”. I was stunned and hurt. I felt like my body was somehow betraying me. How could it do this to me when I work so hard to keep it well maintained? The reasonable, rational girl in me said, “Just go get a bigger size, it will fit correctly and secure your body properly for movement.” The critic in me told me I was “Fat and 40”. Oh, the chasm is deep and wide between these two. Ephesians 4:29 reminds me to speak kindly and with purpose to myself, to speak the words of Jesus to myself. “Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, that it may give grace to those who hear.” Needless to say, I walked out of the store without a new sports bra. I thought I was in search a foundational piece of clothing when in reality, it was God who was working on the foundation of my heart!

  14. Amen, Stephanie! And we love EXACTLY who you are today and CAN’T WAIT to see how he moves you from glory to glory to glory!

  15. COME ON! You, Jessica…are an instrument for righteous purposes. What an honorable job you have. Keep calling out the truth and gold in women!

  16. I love you. I so needed to hear this today! Thanks for sharing the reality that even after years of being free of the lie it’s not uncommon for the enemy to still try and pull one over on us. It’s healthy to hear from people who we know are free that even they still struggle at times.

  17. I have struggled with an eating disorder since I was 15, I am know 46. I am definitely free from the starving, binging cycle but still, after all these years have food and body distortion issues. I have prayed hard and long to be completely free but unfortunately still struggle. I often wonder “is it just me, its been so long” Or am I like Paul who prayed for his thorn to be removed and it was not.
    To taste freedom, complete freedom would be beyond a miracle for me. I’ve signed up for the challenge – I am still hopeful.

  18. It states that I have so many days left to sign up for the Clean Heart Challenge. I signed up last week and am hopeful that I am on your list!?! I’m excited to see and feel and experience God moving. What a lovely class…..to share with lovely women in search of a deeper personal bond with our Lord!

  19. I’ve been following you for a few days now… My concern is this, I’m a 55 yrs old, very obese, person. Ive tried it all & although I’ve been successful in the past, it’s come full throttle back to haunt me… Most people I’ve dealt with, have had a full proof fix for all that’s ills me, in my journey of a heavier life. Mind you, none have never walked a mile in my shoes. What makes this any different?

  20. Chari,
    Well…what you look for you will find. If you expect these 30 days to not be any different..so it will be. But I can assure you that those who wait expectantly on the Lord will be met by Him. I can not promise you ANY amount of weight will be lost, but I can promise you, that IF you let Him come into your heart and be completely Himself, He will. He is relentless about HIs love for us. I am off the hook and so are you. We are going to let God be God. Show Him our hearts and let Him talk to us in the hard and challenging places. When your cravings emerge and your body starts to rebel….you will claim your faith and grace shows up. It’s a promise found in His word. I guess the only thing that will really be different is the fact that you are here. For such a time as this. If you have tried other faith-based weight-loss programs, I can only say that we are different in that we are “for such a time as this”. We are desperate for more God. And everyone who hungers and thirsts for more of Him will be satisfied. And their bodies will just have to get in line with that. Praying for your hope to rise. Without faith, it is impossible to do this challenge and keep a smile on while doing so 🙂

  21. Hi Alisa!

    I hope you are doing well!

    So I am on Day One if the Clean Hearting challenge. I printed out the food list. Are hemp seeds off limits? Or fat free plain Greek yogurt? Grass fed whey protein powder? Is this the ppace i ask these questions? 🙂 sorry to be annoying.

    Also, some of the workouts kill my hip even though i am an advanced ‘worker outer’ (example: bodybuilding and crossfit). Can i sub out some workouts? Or is that bad? Again…sorry of this is not the place to ask these questions. I didn’t see a support line.

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