When People Let You Down

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People seem to be letting me down lately. Or maybe if I am more honest, I feel like God is not doing His good God thing. All that Good, Good Father singing is coming back to bite me. It doesn’t feel so good when people seem to be letting you down. The let downs trigger up the lonely places in my brain and the lie “you are all alone” lands like pie on my face. I know that God has made me for the hard and holy stuff, but nobody told me how “lonely” it would feel in the hard and holy.

I am positive that God is allowing all of this on purpose. For His good purposes. And I know this will pass as I keep my eyes fixed on Him and His word, my ears open to hear His celebration song He certainly is singing over me, and my faith stirred up with the remembrance that I don’t have to feel His goodness to know that He is good. Happy feelings aren’t the apex experience of my faith. I choose to die to self-pity and live for Christ, the hope of glory in me.

When we feel we have been let down by others, it is easy to want to shut down and shut off. After all, why leave ourselves vulnerable and exposed? Won’t we just get hurt again?

Loving with our whole heart is risky. There’s no doubt about it. We will get hurt. But by God’s grace, we start to understand that just like we have broken places where wrong thinking and living breed, so do other people. We are all yearning for a greater grace in the letdown places. Each of us is a conduit of God’s mercy, and even more so when we find it hard to love. His grace enables us to move towards Him and one another, instead of away. It is a true miracle work that only The Holy Spirit can do in us.

So, here’s to pressing further into God; his character and His heart. I won’t stop. Can’t stop.

I won’t stop seeking His ways, even if I don’t understand them while standing in the middle of them.

God promises us that over time, as we saturate our lives in more of Him, seismic shifts will occur. Where bitterness once reigned, grace will get bigger.

God is our Faithful Father who helps us to love like He does.

This week’s #RevingTheWord podcast is titled “Death To Self”.  Lace up your shoes and head out for a walk, run, bike, or hike. Grab your smartphone and earbuds, then press play. Let God pick you up as you die to yourself. The Good New is this; nobody who dies in Christ stays dead. You will finish this workout with resurrection power pumping through your veins. And when you do, be sure to let us know and then pass on the love to someone else who needs this kind of hope.

And finally, you have just five days left to join the Clean Hearting faith THEN food and fitness challenge. Any donation amount gets you in to this 30-day challenge chalk full of goodness, designed to train your heart first so your body can fall in line. If you are craving more freedom to love God, have a healthy and whole love for yourself, and for others, don’t wait! This is your time to train!

If you want to learn more about the Clean Hearting Challenge, here’s a 10- minute Facebook LIVE I did just the other day.

My team and I are happy to answer any questions you might have about the challenge. Feel free to leave them below.

His love.



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  1. How do I know when I am officially signed up for the Clean Hearting challenge? I went on your website last week and paid a donation but am unsure as to whether or not I’m signed up.

  2. Thank you for this. I live my life exposed and sometimes I feel like it bites me and I want so badly just to grab my family and run for the hills. This is encouraging. I have to constantly ask myself “who are you living for, Laura? Them or Him?” I want to say Him, EVERY TIME! Him!! I’m living for God!! No running for the hills, only a beautiful death to self and continued open heart! Bless you, friend.

  3. I’ve struggled this my whole life. I gave my life to Christ years ago and then rejected it as I sought out to be like others around me. I’m let down over and over again. God NEVER gave up on me. When I began to encounter the most heart wrenching troubles in my life, I dug in deep with God. He showed me He never gave up on me. He is so faithful!! If I ever doubt these days (because you know the devil is trying), I can say with full assurance, that who God sees me to be is all that matters. Finally, at almost 40 years old, my identity is being molded in Christ and I am grateful every day.
    People still let me down but not long ago God told me that no one other than Christ can bring you happiness and your best self. Not your friends, your family, your spouse, your kids. They’re all human and make mistakes. SO it’s only fitting to press into Him more and more!

  4. Wow, thank you for this I have been there so much if the time cause of how things have gone in my life so ready for clean hearting.

  5. Hi Alisa and team! I am THRILLED. yes… SUPER EXCITED to start this 30 day challenge with you!! I’m starting women’s Bible study group this month and calling it WHOLE. spirit.soul.body. We’ll be focusing on wholeness that starts with our spirit – knowing we are deeply loved by the Father – and that He wants wholeness for our souls and our bodies as well. I don’t have a curriculum but am pulling from lots of resources, research, local “experts” and women I trust to share insights on different aspects of this. Soon I stumbled upon YOU! oh goodness… I feel so very thankful that God “tripped me” into your path. ~__^ wink .
    I signed up to do this 30 day hearting, and would LOVE to get my whole group to go there too… it sounds like a perfect way to start this group… so here’s the deal… :0 … My group doesn’t start until September 28th… and I likely will not even know who all is in it until close to that time. So you can see that the 30 Hearting challenge, starting earlier than that may not work for us… 🙁 What do you suggest? Is there a way to delay the start of it for the group?
    Can I simply share what I’m learning, in a delayed format?
    I’d love any ideas or suggestions you may have.
    THRILLED and ready to begin!!!

    Blessings and joy…
    Robin Sturm

  6. Hello Robin,
    We too are so thrilled He led you here. Hmmmm…that does pose a challenge. I suggest you encourage anyone to join that you know now is going to go through the 30 days with you, and have them get going now, IF they feel called to now. Then have those who go through save the emails they get each day. When you officially start the challenge as a group go back through each email day by day (Forward on the email to those who didn’t go through) and do the work. The only problem is you all won’t have access to the 30 days of REVWELL TV for free (and the moving the body in conjunction with the Word is a BIG part of how God transforms people who encounter this ministry) But if you download and save the workout calendar you could invite each woman to consider joining RevWel TV for one month and then they could use those workouts and the calendar and go through the day by day devo with you. At the end of the month they can cancel their $10 subscription if they need to. That’s all I got 🙂

  7. Girl, I get it. Could you tell how “done” I was last night? Thank you for being a woman who wars for freedom.

  8. If you paid the donation, rest assured you are signed up. IF you don’t receive your first days email from us on Monday by 6AM EST, please email support@revelationwellness.org They will be sure to get you up and running. But we don’t have many problems with this as long as the paypal email account you used to donate is the email you will be using for the challenge. It’s when people use a paypal email address connected to an email that they no longer use is where communication gets dropped.

  9. Hi Alisa,

    I have a very spritual reason (and i am not going to lie… I have a selfish self-centered reason also) to want to know more about the 30 day challenge. Is it the 30 day challenge on Pinterest? Because that is how i found Rev well. I am on day 6 of THAT challenge. But anyhow, i am a gym owner of 16 years, also a professional fitness competitor. So you might guess i am very obsessed with my weight and appearance and calories, blah blah blah. Well God is trying to clean me out because for the last year i have been gaining weight (fat) for reasons no doctor can find. Test after test (blood tests) no one can find what is wrong. I have hired other trainers for MYSELF even though i AM a trainer (which i never have hired a trainer before for myself) and trying Paleo, low carb, cutting calories, intermittent Fasting, HIIT training, Crossfit, you name it. Not one pound gone and my clothes no longer fit. Sure, some of it is muscle gain, but i know it’s fat also. The thing is, i KNOW that God is purposely not letting me achieve the ‘look’ i want because He is wanting me to put Him first and also know my identity in HIM. This is very very hard for me. I love to workout. Love it! But i feel like the more i workout and less i eat , the more i gain weight. I feel God tugging at my heart which is why i believe He led me to you on Pinterest. I have a history of eating disorders and binge eating and purging, so this has been a life long struggle to be ‘perfect’. I know the roots of this all too well and hate revisting those painful places of the past. Do i want to be healthy and fit into my clothes again?? Yes! But do i also want freedom from wanting approval of others of how i look?? Yes! I am wondering if you think this 30 day challenge will be meant for someone like me, a professional natural physique competitor who is 40 years old who lives her life counting every macro and loves to drip sweat for an hour workout plus trying to clean and press the heaviest weight possible. I am just so frustrated and feel like God wants me to hate how i look or i am being punished. It’s humiliating.
    I also will be in vacation for the last week of the 30 day challenge and worried about that.
    Thoughts please???

    Shannon Eller

  10. Uhhh…yes, yes and YES! This challenge is for you. Girl, you are me. So I get it. Get in here and get ready to let your heart melt into His a little more. Yes…He is loving you in this badlands. Trust me…He is. It sucks. Feels left handed and almost feels mean of Him to take from you the very thing that you might say you use to give Him glory and to FEEL His glory. But He’s desiring to take you beyond your feelings. And beyond what you can see in the mirror. His love is near. And so is His kingdom. His kingdom is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness, peace and joy (Romans 14:17) …not low body fat, bench presses and clean eating. (although we can use ALL of that good stuff to steward HIs goodness and glory on the earth today. It just can never be about that stuff.) He wants to set you free. Clearly, you have a big call on your life. A way to make Him famous in a style and voice that only you can. But first, knowing you are in prison and wanting to get free and “well” is the first thing first. So…don’t over think it. Trust His kindness towards you. Get in here and give Him permission to clean you out some more and to do all your heavy lifting. IT’s what He has been longing to do.

  11. Thank you Alisa. I am totally sobbing right now..lol. I am very scared, but nothing else has worked. Giving up control is the hardest thing for me to do. Here i go.. Let’s do this! (Btw i have been sharing your website and ministry with my clients! This could be a new avenue for me for my future. I already emailed inquiring about being an instructor if that’s where God leads me).
    Thank you!

  12. Hi! I’ve signed up for the challenge but need some reassurance. My faith has been going through a new season of growth and change. Following 15 year marriage with 10 of those years wrecked by my husbands drug addiction, we divorced. Codependency was second nature to me. Controlling every thing possible was survival for daily life. Yet God met me there and strengthened me for that road. He was and is so good. The flip side of that is the spiritual, emotional, psychological abuse that took place within my marriage. The Bible was used as a weapon towards me from my ex husband as some within the church community. I am still recovering from that and recognizing often that what God has set free is free indeed. My walk with Him is changing from one based on performance to one resting in freedom. However, this will be my first step back into something organized (other than attending church) like a Bibke study. I am battling fear as I enter this challenge. Fear of Gods word being used to shame me. Used to shackle me. And tho I’ve followed Rev well for a long time and fully believe it is freedom and love based….the enemy is using my past and my triggers to bring anxiety. I trust the Lord will meet me here and continue drawing me closer to himself as I have been experiencing. But for some time He has had me in a season of resting in Him. I could use some encouragement that this truly will be something that will bring more freedom… Not a step back into bondage. Thank you!

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