30-Day Faith Based Fitness Challenge

faith based fitness challenge

Anyone else craving a big bowl of vegetables like me? After a few weeks of decking the halls with boughs of holly, complete with pumpkin pie, creamy warm stews, and my annual Christmas Eve tamale tasting, this girl right here is ready for some increased roughage. I feel the need to clean out the pipes, if you know what I mean. How about you?

God is gracious to give us seasons of comfort and joy balanced out with seasons of increased strength that comes in the waiting. All of life is a delicate cycle of rest and work. God’s seven-days-a-week design was deliberate in giving us rest.

Work that transforms a heart is founded upon rest; a comfort and a joy that is eternally present and can’t be stolen. As long as we don’t give someone else the keys. Just because we can’t see the beautiful lights hanging from the trees or smell the soul food, the love feast, on God’s banquet table, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. We can rest in our work because we can trust that God is always at work! He doesn’t sleep or slumber and His arm is not too short or weak to save.

I invite you to join me, and my amazing team of Revelation Wellness, world-changing, freedom-ringing instructors, and their communities across the globe, as we spend 30-days kicking off 2017 with our NEW 30-day faith then food and fitness challenge called “The Little Way”– When Less Is More.For any donation amount (we suggest $10), by January 6th, you will join this faith based fitness challenge.

faith based fitness challenge

In just a few days we will launch into 2017 with training for your heart, mind soul and body, that rests in the faithfulness of God.

While the rest of the fitness world is putting the pedal to the metal and hitting it hard with restriction and control tactics, we will go the humble and “little” way. For 30-days we will put into practice small, simple and doable changes that will transform your mind and heart, as well as lay a healthy foundation for you to build upon in 2017 and beyond.

SIGN UPS for The Little Way closes on Friday, January 6th at midnight EST! Don’t wait! Share this post with a friend and get ready for the kind of change you crave!

To wet your appetite we encourage you this #workoutwednesday to give TWO workouts a try. One is a Reving The Word podcast titled “Blameless” that asks you to sweat and move from a place of rest, while the other is our new “Be Still & Be Loved” podcast that will help you learn how to rest completely from your work. Both these training factors are integral to a healthy, whole and whole-hearted life.

Three things I encourage you to keep in mind as you goal plan for 2017:
• God’s work is to save
• We co-labor with Him by agreeing with His work in us and on us
• We can rest assured that He will finish what He starts

“Reving The Word – Blameless”

“Be Still & Be Loved” – Faith

If you have any quesitions about The Little Way 30-Day Challenge, go ahead and ask in the comments below. And I would love to hear what you are craving that isn’t sugar or fats.

His love.



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  1. I am craving more of Jesus……plain.and.simple. I want to be here HE wants me to be and DO what he wants me to do. This is my 2017

  2. Is there anyway I can be included in the challenge but not receive the meal plan? I hunger for more of Jesus through work outs and devotions from u guys. As of now I subscribe to rev well tv but it’s hard for me to follow a meal plan. Thanks in His love

  3. Craving peace/harmony in a teen driven home. Every single event is a frustration. Summertime is always annoyed about something. Peace, harmony!!

  4. Hey Heidi!
    Totally. You can just disregard the meal plan when it comes to you. In TRUE Revelation Wellness style, we will be talking about food in the “non-prescreptive” sense and encouraging everyone to seek God on what works best for them. And we will talking about what we “consume” beyond just food. It’s about more!

  5. Thank you ❤ freedom, grace, wholeness through movement is becoming my way of life. Exercise has always been a “have to” not a “get to” for me. I stumbled on your podcast while training for my half marathon and it’s made me revolutionized. Can’t wait for the Little Way!

  6. Patience and less selfishness. Praying the Lord will show me His plan for me. Praying I will accept His way and not fight it.

  7. Hi..I did a donation through paypal under the Little Ways event page. Does this sign me up or do I need to do something else!
    Thanks so much


  8. I listened to the podcast “a tale of two women” when I went for a jog this afternoon and cried three times because it resonated with me so much. Then I came home, dumped all of my thoughts and excitement on my husband, and signed up for the challenge! 🙂 Thank you for speaking so much truth and freedom in this area and I look forward to joining this with you!

  9. If anyone can help… I completed this last year in January and enjoyed it very much. Will this be new content or the same, but with an added meal plan. Thank you for your help. 🙂

  10. Hi! I have not received an email after donating. I donated thru PayPal and got a receipt but noting for Rev Wellness. Have checked all folders Thanks for. Your help

    Valmason01 @gmail.com

  11. Is an exercise tube a resistance tube? When I googled it, some raunchy websites came up – so I stopped looking. :-/

  12. Oh No! Yes, an exercise tube is a resistance band. I’m sorry you encountered that!! But glad you are here!

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