God Knows Me Best

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About ten days ago I hit a physical wall. My body ached. A lot. For someone as “fit,” as I am, things were starting to look kind of bleek. I was starting to feel hopeless about my body. It’s funny how no matter how good you feel in your soul and Spirit, no matter how high you are flying on the wings of hope, if your body isn’t well, you are easy prey for fear, doubt, and unbelief. I am so glad Jesus came for ALL of us – our bodies too. 

I confess to you I was grieving the Holy Spirit. There were TWO simple things the Lord has been calling me to do, for some time now, that I was making no time to do and lots of excuses why. Friends, if I have said it before, I will say it again – God is not difficult. His work is light and easy. Why do we make it so hard?

Ten days ago, with the aches of my body at its highest, I took off my shoes, stood on holy ground, and surrendered to God’s gentle whipsers. I bowed my heart and vowed to start doing these two little things He had been asking me to do, a little bit, each day. 

Today my body feels completely different than it did ten days ago! No joke! I feel like a science experiment of heaven. But not a complex science experiment but a simple one. My physical aches and pains are little to none, I am sleeping deeper, and my fitness level that I thought I lost a year ago with my foot injury, is back! I feel like a walking miracle. God really does know each one of us best.

So what did I do you aks? I did the following:

  • I started drinking more water (with an added twist 🙂
  • I started myofascial releasing (foam rolling) each day.

Take a listen to this FB Live video I did today to hear more about my testimony and the details of why you want to do this and how you can easily start implementing these simple two practices each day. It’s the time for you to get back what you mistakingly thought was gone for good.

To help you get on your way this #workoutwednesday we give you a FREE foam rolling video from RevWell TV, our at-home, on-line workout library. If you don’t have a foam roller, I encourage you to put one at the top of your Christmas list! Next month RevWell TV will be loaded with all kinds of 2017, New Year’s goodness of God.

EXCITING NEWS! Starting January 9th, we will be launching our NEW faith THEN food and fitness challenge. It is titled “The Little Way – when less is more.” While the world is getting loud, big, sweaty and sore, seeking after the perfect body, we will be pursuing our Perfect God. For 30-days we will train our faith FIRST, then eat and drink and do everything else we do to the glory of God! I think God is making good on His promises to me to not to let me just be talking the talk and not walking the walk. These two simple things I started doing in place of what I usually do, has ROCKED my world! Sign ups for The Little Way Challenge sign-ups begin December 26th, close January 6th with the challenge starting January 9th!  Any donation amount gets you in! More details to come soon, so stay tuned.

A final reminder, tomorrow night is our LIVE Revelation Wellness Instructor Training Q&A call. If you have ever  wondered about our christian fitness instructor training program, set your phone alarm now and don’t miss. Send your questions to info@revelationwellness.org with the subject line “Questions for Alisa” so we can be sure to answer your question.

christian fitness instructor training

Merry Christmas! And be kind to you.



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  1. Alisa,
    I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better. God is good and it’s wonderful you took his advice. I have never tried foam rolling and my water intake is kind of embarrassing. I think this is a big red flag for me as well.
    I signed up to your RevWellTV over a week ago and it’s been such a blessing. I love the connection with God and wonderful instructors. It’s been the most humbling and positive way to start each morning. A big thank you and love for all your hard work. I am finally taking my spiritual journey with God seriously and it’s thanks partly to you.

    I can’t wait for the challenge in January!

  2. Oh Natasha! You are an answer to our prayers. We are so glad the Lord brought you here to move on mission with us. We have much goodness ahead. Press in and press on!

  3. Alisa
    Thanks so much for your willingness to surrender and be led by HIM. Way to keep delivering the pizza.

    lots of love

  4. Thank you for sharing your revelation, Alisa! I need to drink more water too! I have felt an increase in soreness since I turned 40, and also found relief from the foam roller. I have used your video before, but it’s a little hard to see since you’re wearing black clothes in front of a black floor. I told Dana about this already. Just FYI for your next video… Thank you so much for all of your sacrifice and leadership! You are so Christlike and good.

  5. So I went on Amazon to look at foam rollers and there are multiple different sizes. What would you recommend? Also, yours is not smooth like some of them, is the textured ones better?

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