Pregnant With A Dream – Faith And Fitness That Heals And Sets Hearts Free!

I’m pregnant. 

I’m pregnant with a dream. 

A dream where a woman looks more to The King of her heart than the size of her jeans. And where a man chooses to war for his home instead of becoming a casualty of cyber-love or porn.

A dream of seeing all people living well, whole and free! Not perfect, but whole and free.

Free from striving. Free from performing. Free from squeezing into culturally mandated molds. 

These past three months of my sabbatical season were nothing but a gift. I learned what it meant to just be. It’s such a cliche term to use; “just be“- a buzz phrase in the fitness world. True confession: my old self championed the phrase yet didn’t put it into living and breathing action. I knew I was meant for a rock steady heart of peace, I just didn’t know how to get there. It’s like knowing you were meant to live in a garden but continually finding yourself crawling back into your desert cave.

Living as people who could “just be” was God’s idea first. And in a world filled with alarms, buzzes, feeds and scrolling, a gold-leafed invitation, embossed and sealed with the King’s signet ring is awaiting you. When you open it up you find, simply, these 2 words:

Come home.

From one woman who has struggled with feeling she is too much or not enough, where sometimes the number on the scale or the reflection in the mirror held the highest seat of honor in her heart, I need you to know: you are wanted. You are the desire of God’s heart.  Heaven needs your body, here on earth, to display the glory of the Lord in the way that only you can. Your body is not your enemy; it is your ally of love. A place where God wants to hang out and dwell with you.

God is whispering to you right now…“Come home.”

Yesterday, 8|8|17, The Wellness Revelation crashed into the publishing world and is sure to disrupt the status-quo of wellness. Join me, Alisa Keeton, your fitness teacher, gospel preacher, as we take an 8-week journey into losing whatever weighs you down so you can be free to love God, yourself and others in a “can’t stop, won’t stop” kind of way. Join me in discovering the true you – God’s delight and dream.


In honor of the birth of The Wellness Revelation, I wanted to give to you-our friends and supporters of this mission-an electronic copy of the Introduction and Chapter one.  I pray it lights your fire and fuels your freedom flame. (see below for attached chapter)

If you are looking for a book to help you count your calories, keep your macros in check, or help you shred x amount of pounds in x amount of days, THIS IS NOT that book. This book is for the man or woman who wants to reclaim and BE their true and whole self. Not the person someone else has told them they should/could be. 

This book will train you and teach you what it means to turn love into your biggest metabolic burn! 

Get this book. Throw off all your fears or worldly expectations and just come home. 

Come home.







CLICK HERE to download the Introduction and Week 1 of The Wellness Revelation

Hear Alisa talk about The Wellness Revelation:

It’s time for a great #wednesdayworkout! Join Courtney, a Revelation Wellness Lead Instructor, in this Workout mashup- “HIDDEN” – This workout will flip-flop you back and forth between cardio and resistance training using a balloon for FUN!. This workout will certainly keep your body guessing. Muscle confusion? No big deal. God is never confused about us. Get comfortable being uncomfortable in this workout.

Want to become a #fitnessteacherGOSPELPREACHER? Our next class of world changers starts the week of 8/21! We would love to have you join us! Click HERE for more information!

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Melissa Brook August 9, 2017

I so needed this !! Come Home!! I have been struggling for the past few weeks a lot going on!!! Thank you!!


Sylvester Malachi Rogers August 9, 2017

I love this.


Joni August 9, 2017

Amazing that you posted this today. I took the 7 day journey last week after "stumbling" on your blog searching for of all things... "removing implants" (HA!), but I stayed around and I want to thank you. My take away from the detox hit me this morning as the Lord laid it out clear as body-this flesh and bones and blood and organs...this vessel has been many things to me. It's been my arch enemy, it's been my best friend - it's been my utter despair and it's been my confidence - it's been my puffed up pride and it's been my lowest humiliation- it's been my destroyer and it's been my savior..BUT the thing it has this never ever been to me is a gift. A gift..something I'm thankful to the giver for. A gift... I want to thank you...and today I am thankful to the Creator of this gift... It no longer has to be all of these things it was never intended to be...


Patsy Vanderkraats August 9, 2017

I am so grateful for your encouragement and insight. Thank you so much With Love , Patsy

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