Revelation Wellness is pleased to announce its presence at HopeFest Phoenix.

HopeFest Phoenix is the largest, same-day, charitable, direct-services outreach in Maricopa County, bringing together hundreds of helping agencies, organizations, and individuals to provide thousands of socially and economically challenged people FREE medical care, dental care, vision care, food, clothing, personal care products, haircuts, employment services, housing services, spiritual support, and so much more — while providing information, tools, and community resources that offer ongoing care and long-term solutions.

Since Revelation Wellness believes that fitness must go beyond the walls of self, we are always on the lookout for ways to reach out and love others through the gift of fitness. Hopefest Phoenix is the perfect example of what happens when we, the followers of Christ, have made up our minds to live healthy and whole in Christ. When pursuing health and wholeness we are able to reach out to others in need, while continuing to be made whole ourselves.

What is HopeFest?

Ready to Volunteer?

Volunteer registration for HopeFest is now closed.  Please check back next year.