More Power to You.

More Power to You.

Revelation Wellness February 24, 2009 (0) comments

This past weekend everyone who is participating in Weigh Less on a local level were put to the test. They were pinched, pushed and tested to their limits of physical ability. It isn't fun to face the truth, but it is powerful when you are ready to go a new direction.  It is a way of saying to yourself "No more lies and no more shame. This is where I am today, but I am leaving this place and moving on to a new place." Which makes me think of an episode of the Simpson's that for some reason I passed by one night and homer was driving away in his car leaving some town that he had great disdain for. As he drove away he shouted out the window "So long Stinktown!", but I digress.  But that is what we are doing here. Saying so long to the stink in our lives. And isn't it its funny how if you spend enough time around a bad smell, you don't even smell it anymore. Testing is a big whiff of reality. It is meant to stir you to want to do something, to become an activist for a better way. But this time it will be different. You are not going about it in the old ways, this time it is God's way or bust!

We have already talked about the fact that as people who are choosing to go a better way, in the right direction, we are following the One who knows the way. We are pretty blind when we think we can see just fine. The reason this time this "weight" battle is going to be different is because you are not going to do it in your own strength. God is always extending his mighty arm fighting and battling on your behalf. We are going to let him battle this for us. His power! " That by HIS POWER, he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith."  (2 Thessalonians 1:11) This time you are fighting your battle by faith and the cool thing is that it was all you every needed! Ever. In all circumstances. God will provide the power and strength you need in order to go the better way. 

So this time don't work so hard. You don't need to just try harder. You don't have to say "I just need to be stronger." It's useless and pointless. It is purely self-focused and will lead you back into isolation, despair and stink. When you come to a hard moment, and rest assured you will, take a breath, get present, be centered and receive His power and His peace. It is a just a breath away. Your hopes and dreams are dependent upon His power.

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