WEIGH LESS to FEED MORE the on-line experiment!

I am ready!!! Are you? Staring January 4th we are going for the second go at seeking God in a holistic way that is real, true and deep! This time on-line so that no one gets left out. If you are sick of getting on the "treadmill" of weight loss only to see temporary results and nothing lasting, then I beg you….JOIN ME!! How about exploring deeper the possibility that you, all of you;  your heart, mind, soul, spirit and body was created by a Creator. That in your thirst and hunger for "perfect" , as the world says perfect should be, there could be a possibility of rest. Real rest. And real transformation! Transformation that comes from the inside out.  You as you were MEANT to be! If you are interested in learning more click on the workshop page and email me with any questions you may have. This is for EVERYONE! I am inviting you to dialogue with me and others in a holistic context, for your health and your wholeness. I for one CAN NOT WAIT!!

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