Made for so much more.

Made for so much more.

Revelation Wellness November 17, 2010 (0) comments

“You were made for something. Something more than this!” I can remember hearing that message filtering through my very broken heart and mind over 15 years ago. Perhaps you too have heard this voice. I want to tell you, implore you to believe, that it is true.

I heard this in one of the most majestic places I have ever been. Havasupai Falls is a place where God began a 15 year process of open heart surgery on me. It was and is still a place where beauty and ferocity exist in one place. I would like to think this is how God sees me the more I seek to become like Him. One thing is for sure..He definitely is beautiful. He is making me to look like Him from my soul to my skin. He definitely is ferocious. He is feirce about His love for me.

Over 15 years ago I fell into my life’s passion. Fitness. But it would take a couple more years for me to find my heart. Who knew it was alwyas with Jesus? Since then Jesus and I have been on a life quest. A life quest to revive my broken heart. To restore the ancient ruins. To be set free. And in the process, maybe others might be set free as I follow Jesus. But I know He is the One who turns the key. Not I. I must keep my eyes on Him. “The author and perfecter of our faith.” (Hebrews 12:2). As He perfects my faith, he makes me whole.

I look at this waterfall now and I am convinced He is good. He saved me. He came for me. He told me and continues to tell me who I am. And his blessings flow with beauty and ferocity upon me.

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