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Daughter of Delight: A Vlog from Alisa Keeton

Revelation Wellness September 5, 2018

I am a daughter. I am my father’s daughter. But I am not sure I was ever my father’s delight. What does it mean to be a daughter who holds the key to her Father’s delight? The iconic image of a little girl wearing a pink dress, twirling around and saying “Daddy, look at me” […]

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Nothing is Wasted

Revelation Wellness August 29, 2018

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.”  -Isaiah 40:31 I was sitting in my basement with a group of women on a Monday night, watching a Beth Moore video. I […]

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Made New

Revelation Wellness August 22, 2018

There are days where the idea of being seen is all too much. There are days when I’m running quickly into the grocery store in my favorite sweats and hat (to cover the bed hair I never had a chance to tame) and smelling all kinds of fresh. On such days, being unseen is A-OK […]

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The Wilderness Within

Revelation Wellness August 15, 2018

“Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness.” (Luke 4:1) Wil•der•ness /wildərnəs/ (noun): “a region uncultivated and uninhabited by humans; an area essentially undisturbed by human activity.” This might sound like fun if you’re talking about a controlled wilderness adventure, hiking and camping through the […]

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Blessed in the Wild and Untidy

Revelation Wellness August 8, 2018

The meeting was set for 8:15. I had spent the previous day packing ten years’ worth of belongings into 2 copier paper boxes. I had also sought out my tribe to let them know I was pretty certain tomorrow would be my last day. I arrived early the next day and took the boxes down […]

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Eye to Eye

Revelation Wellness August 1, 2018

Let’s all take a minute to count on one hand how many times our faith has led us into a dry and arid place instead of a vacation by the sea. What’s that you say? Are you going to need to borrow someone else’s hands and feet to count them all? I get it. I’m […]

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The Tissue or the Key?

Revelation Wellness July 25, 2018

  Hello, my name is Traci, and I am a recovering people pleaser. I have spent the majority of my life worried about two things: what people think of me and my weight. Both of these things have provided me with either fleeting happiness (Yay, they said I did a good job! Awesome, I fit […]

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Understanding the Blessing

Revelation Wellness July 18, 2018

“At that moment, the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.” –Matthew 27:51 The works of God are a profound mystery. He has surprised me more times than not. When I am certain He hasn’t heard my prayer, He turns around and answers it with precision. When I have considered […]

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Free to Fail

Revelation Wellness July 11, 2018

An empty room can be more crushing than a crowded one.  I’ve been to packed workout classes where you can hardly move freely, let alone breathe fresh air. I’ve also been to workout classes that had nobody in attendance, except for myself,  the instructor.  In the silence of the room, voices screamed accusations in my […]

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Alisa Freedom 18

The Road to Radical Freedom

Revelation Wellness July 4, 2018

In room 14 of a Motel 6 when I was ten years old during our family vacation, I sassed off to my mom as she was brushing my hair. Guess what that got me? The brush. I had said something unkind. My words lacked love and respect in response to whatever my mom had said […]

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