Wellness Revelation Journal


The Wellness Revelation Journal

Studies show that people who use some form of tracking tool to account for what they eat are more likely to lose weight and keep it off for as long as they continue to record. We hope you will find strength, not in writing down your food intake, but in becoming more aware of what you’re using to nourish yourself.

This journal is designed to keep you aware of your thoughts and attitudes and to give you a place to record all the hard work, choices, and feelings that are going into rebuilding your body, God’s temple.

Use this journal for your own personal encouragement and accountability, or use it along with The Wellness Revelation book: an 8 week study that will teach you how to lose what weighs you down so you can love God, yourself, and others.

This free download is an updated version of the Moving Forward Journal, which is referenced in the book. It will solidify your action plan to answer the call to live your whole life for God and others.

Get your copy of the book, The Wellness Revelation HERE.

The Wellness Revelation Journal