Get moving now!

Are you looking to get moving right now? We have a number of different options to explore to start working out. Doesn’t matter what level you are, from beginning to expert. We have workouts for every shape and size. Explore some of our options below.


Workout at Home

RevWell TV® is our online, on-demand, at-home, mobile fitness program available as you need it, when you need it. We want to bring fitness to you that is your get-to, not your have-to. Join us!

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Join a Challenge

Looking to make a change from the inside out? Try one of our challenges that will provide you with the tools to begin confidently living more healthy, whole, and free.

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Find a Class

Looking for a live class to check out our workouts face-to-face. Find a Revelation Fitness® or Wellness Revelation class near you.

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Listen to the podcast

The Revelation Wellness Podcast is a space to join in on wellness and fitness training for your mind, body, and Spirit. Push play on the REVING the Word podcast/workout next time you go for a walk, run, hike, or bike.

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A Catalyst for Missional Engagement

Revelation Wellness does two very important things that all churches are trying to do – it opens another front door for new people to step into the church for the first time and offers a safe place where believers and non-believers can rub shoulders. These workouts serve as a catalyst for missional engagement. We leverage this ministry for the kingdom of God.

- Pastor Ray Diaz, Washington Cathedral , Redmond, WA

Faithfully Following The Call

God called me and challenged to do the instructor training. I had many obstacles, especially about finances, coming from Denmark, but God is faithful, and he will provide when we obey, move and follow Him.

- Kristina Poulson , Denmark

Perfect Blend of Faith and Fitness

Becoming a Revelation Wellness instructor has been so exciting! I have always had interest in blending my love of Jesus and fitness. Revelation Wellness has allowed me to blend them perfectly. I have a new outlet to share my faith while keeping my body healthy to do His work.

- Jonnie Goodmanson , Minnesota

Renewed Health and Wholeness

Revelation Wellness has changed my view on living healthy and whole. We are not complete, balanced nor fit unless we remove the strong holds that we carry in our mind, body and spirit. To do that, we rest in the Word of God. I found awesome freedom when I brought my health and wholeness to God.

- Sheila Hall , Maryland

An Expression of Worship

Revelation Wellness is an expression of worship of Jesus Christ by way of caring for our bodies in the way that we eat and how we exercise. It’s a community full of people finding refreshment and healing. In Him we live and move and have our being. In this we find freedom.

- Myra Harbaugh , Florida

Are you ready? You’ve got nothing to lose But what's Weighing you down!

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