The Little Way Challenge

The Little Way Challenge


Join Alisa Keeton, founder of Revelation Wellness®, for 30 Days The Little Way—a NEW faith THEN food and fitness challenge. This is a “pick your price” event!

While the rest of the world is getting big and noisy about the ways of health and fitness, you are invited to spend 30 days following the humble “little” way that leads to abundant life. “The Little Way” is the road that puts and keeps God first as we fight the good fight—keeping our faith and love on, so freedom can grow! Each day, for 30 days, we will make small shifts that make a significant impact on us living healthy, whole, and free!

Overcoming Obstacles

Would you believe us if we told you that the days of crushing your workout and controlling every morsel that goes in your mouth are over? It’s true! Those are old, backhanded ways of getting glitzy, short term results. Those old-school standards are dead, along with your old self and its un-renewed mind. For 30 days we will learn the new, and true ways of wellness for your life that are found in Gospel-centered living.

This challenge will address the COMMON OBSTACLES TO A HEALTHY LIFE. Obstacles like:

I don’t love fitness?
That’s okay! We are going to change your mind. All we need is 10 minutes from you! You will get FREE access to RevWell TV® and our specially designed, “The Little Way” 10-minutes a day for 30 days, workout calendar. We are going to use scientific, cutting-edge, research to prove that 10 minutes is all you need! It’s The Little Way, and it works when it comes to improving your well-being.
*Longer workouts with a 30-day workout calendar will be available for those who love fitness.

I don’t have time to go to the gym?
As we mentioned above, all we need is 10 minutes a day, at home, with you, in your body, moving in love!

I get confused or feel overwhelmed by what to eat?
We will do all the work for you by providing you with 30 days of easy, healthy recipes, weekly meal plans, and snacks with an accompanying shopping list for the week.

Good food is God’s idea, and fitness is His kind of fun. We promise to bring both food and fitness to you in a way that is kind, gentle and firm, and not pinching, prodding or forceful. Join us as we lay a healthy foundation for your WHOLE life. God wants to build you up! All you need to do is be willing to take the little way, the humble way back to finding out who you are and what you are living for. God knows! And, He wants to tell you.

If you are not sure about the God thing, we get it! And, you are totally welcomed here! What do you have to lose? God is faithful even when we are faithless so why not take a chance on His faith in you and His love for you? He’s big enough to handle all our uncertainty. If faith is an assurance of what you don’t yet see, you haven’t found what you are looking for yet, and you have been looking in the mirror or at a scale, then you are a perfect candidate for this faith THEN food and fitness challenge. Join us!

  • A personal email address
  • A phone, iPad, computer or Smart TV to stream workouts
  • A journal
  • Suggested, but not necessary—hand weights, an exercise tube, and a mat
  • 30 days of faith THEN food and fitness devotionals emailed to your personal inbox
  • 30-day access to RevWell TV®, our at-home, on-line, workout program and over 150 mind and body renewing workout classes
  • A 30-day, 10-minutes a day, workout calendar
  • A 30-day workout calendar for those who enjoy spending 20-40 minutes a day moving their bodies
  • 30 days of recipes and meal plans
  • “The Little Way” food list for quick reference to healthy & whole food options
  • Access to a private Facebook Page
  • Ongoing teaching, coaching, and accountability with Alisa, all month long

All funds go directly back into the ministry to further God’s purposes through Revelation Wellness—your donation helps raise up leaders through training scholarships, provide programs such as events, workshops, and organizational development, as well as administrative and general costs of the ministry.

But most importantly, it helps us love others through ministry outreach to the least of these! To support this mission, at the end of The Little Way challenge, 10% of the total funds raised from this event will be donated to the iPrayFit Project that is currently working hard to provide clean water to those in need by raising funds to build a well through charity: water. We are excited to support PrayFit as they honor God by reaching people where they are. Watch this video to learn more about why clean water can change everything.

Getting Started

How To Register

  • Securely donate your best amount now by clicking the ‘DONATE NOW!’ button on this page.
  • We suggest a minimum of $10, but if that’s beyond your means, please do not let that stop you.
  • You may use a credit/debit card of your choice OR your PayPal* account.
  • BE ADVISED: If you donate via PayPal account, the email address associated with that account will be used for on-going communication. If you don’t want that to happen, be sure to pay via credit or debit only.
  • Within minutes of doing so, you’ll receive a confirmation email.
  • If you do not see this email in your inbox, please check all your other folders (i.e. spam, junk, promotions, etc.).
  • Between December 30–January 6, you’ll begin to receive your first messages from Alisa in preparation for the challenge. In them, you’ll get information about the Facebook group and how to access and begin enjoying RevWell TV®.

Registration for this challenge CLOSES AT 12 MIDNIGHT EST ON JANUARY 6TH. Sign up NOW—you won’t want to miss out!


  • FOR CREDIT CARD USERS: You may pay with a debit or credit card. VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover are all accepted.
  • *FOR PAYPAL USERS: Before choosing PayPal to donate, please make sure that your PayPal email address is up-to-date and the email account where you’d like to receive our communication. The introductory messages leading up to the challenge and 30-days of daily messages will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account.
  • REGISTERING 48 HOURS OR LESS PRIOR TO JAN. 6TH: We suggest that you register early. Registering on January 4–6, will likely result in a delay in receiving your daily challenge messages.

Registration for this challenge has ended. Please stay tuned for future challenges.

Sign Ups Now Closed

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