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Body Image

God wants your body image too

Revelation Wellness March 13, 2019

It was Tuesday at Instructor Training retreat when I recognized the lie. The lie I believed was that I had to build the perfect body for the Lord in order to be worthy of His love, salvation, and to have His Spirit inhabit me. I spent years taking ballet and was always acutely aware of […]

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Tips for a better fit

4 tips to a better fit

Revelation Wellness March 6, 2019

I can count on one hand the number of times in my life that I’ve slipped on a pair of pants at a store and they fit me like a glove. Standing at five foot nothing, I can always count on looking down to find inches of extra fabric at my feet. That’s not the […]

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The harvest is ready...are you?

The harvest is ready…are you?

Revelation Wellness February 27, 2019

For most of my life, I thought ambassadors were just government officials that represented a specific country. They lived all over the world, took center stage, and were treated like royalty.  I had never given much thought to what their lives were truly like, except that they would need to have a great love for […]

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Confessions of a Back-Row Exerciser

Revelation Wellness February 20, 2019

Imagine a sea of people. The music is playing loudly over the sound system, and the instructor at Revelation Wellness Instructor Retreat is calling out moves. You find yourself in the far back corner because you are afraid of what others will think, or how you look, or the angle that the camera might see […]

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What do your children see and hear?

What do your children see and hear?

Revelation Wellness February 16, 2019

The girl with the blonde pigtails toddled over to the full-length mirror. Having watched her momma get dressed for work every morning, she knew the ritual well: a sidelong glance full of sadness, suck in the stomach, make a quarter turn to review the rear angle, sigh dejectedly. Although hardly able to articulate full-length sentences, […]

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How to encourage others to rise up

How to encourage others to rise up

Revelation Wellness February 13, 2019

Do you know what I love about God? Nothing that happens to us is a coincidence. He is the author and orchestrator of all things and is always at work in our lives. The Revelation Wellness February theme “Rise Up” brings two great images to mind. First, the passage for my Revelation Wellness Instructor Training […]

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3 tips to help you rise up from a complacent faith

Revelation Wellness February 6, 2019

February is often an interesting month for me. Being the Type A and Enneagram 3 that I am, I’ve been known to dominate my new year’s goals and dreams up to the end of January. However, by the time February first rolls around, I usually find myself swimming in some sort of life circumstance that […]

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5 tips for meal planning

5 tips to better meal planning

Revelation Wellness January 30, 2019

If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Mine would be bread. This involuntarily gluten-free gal loves the nutty taste of warm, crusty, whole wheat bread fresh out of the oven. It’s wholesome, it’s delicious, it’s sustainable. But bread right out of the oven doesn’t just appear […]

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All you need is 10 minutes…

Revelation Wellness January 23, 2019

Almost every afternoon when we pull in from school, I try to implement a “10-minute break” for our family. There are only 2 rules: You must be by yourself, and You may not disrupt anyone’s quiet time. Ideally, no crazy after-school sensory overload: no screens, no fighting, nobody asking if I can take them a […]

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Only this will quench your thirst

Revelation Wellness January 16, 2019

When was the last time you felt full? Was it after a really great meal, a really great day, or maybe a really great conversation? Fullness can come and go pretty easily, especially in our bodies. Even after a big meal, when you think you’ll never be hungry again, in a few hours, sure enough, […]

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