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Rev on the Road is a two day outreach and wellness event designed to restore people’s hope, faith and love as image bearers of a good and whole God. True to the culture of Revelation Wellness® participants will experience contagious joy and freedom as we share the Good News of the Gospel message through cutting edge fitness that meets people where they are at. This event is for every body shape and size but nobody leaves the same.

Let’s throw a freedom party for God’s glory and your joy!

Each event includes:

  • Live Worship
  • Bible Study
  • Inclusive Fitness/Movement
  • Prayer
  • Grace-filled community connections
  • Health, healing and wholeness for the mind, body, and soul
  • Freedom!

For information on our most current Rev on the the Road Events click here:

Sample Schedule of What You Can Expect

5:30 PM – Doors Open/ Registration Confirmed
6:30 PM – Welcome & Intention
6:45 PM – LIVE Worship
7:15 PM – Bible Study
7:45 PM – Rev On The Mat – A Gentle Movement Experience
8:15 PM- Be Still & Be Loved – A practice of stillness
8:30 PM – Closing

8:30 AM – Doors Open/ Registration Confirmed
9:00 AM – Welcome & Intention
9:15 AM – Bible Study
10:00 AM –Revelation Fitness® – An All Levels Fitness Experience
11:15 AM – Refuel & Hydrate Break
11:30 AM – Live Worship
12:00 PM – Closing Intention

$5 Registration Fee Per Person

Interested in hosting a LIVE Rev On The Road event? Please fill out the form below and our event coordinator will be in touch with you shortly.