Revelation Wellness is turning the way you work out upside-down and inside-out! We are excited to continue to offer to you RevWell TV, formerly known as VIPtv. By becoming a monthly donor, for as little as a $10 tax-deductible donation per month, you will receive a variety of full-length, multi-level, 20- to 45-minute workouts that are about more than just fitness. Every RevWell TV workout is filled with Truth and Spirit to train your hope and move you in God’s love.

RevWell TV  will give you access to over 100 pre-recorded on-demand workouts as well as fresh new workouts each month. Each workout consists of uplifting, beat-driving, Spirit-thumping music, with appropriately challenging content for everyone! You’ll even have access to a downloadable monthly calendar with a suggested plan of workouts to follow. These calendars are designed to help you make the best use of your time while using your RevWell TV.

No other monthly subscription plan is quite like RevWell TV! RevWell TV is tax-deductible! By becoming a monthly partner today, you will help us take the Gospel, through fitness, to the furthest out and the least of these. At the same time, you’ll be transforming your life from the inside out, from your spirit to your skin. Your money, your body, your life—IT all belongs to God! Why not give it back? His return on investments always succeed.

Join us and get on-demand access to a faith-THEN-fitness program and find out what it means to live healthy and whole lives in Christ.

Program Details

What You Receive

  • Access to our on-demand private library of online, mobile device-accessible workout videos designed to meet you where you are, no matter what your fitness level.
  • Workout videos, 10-45 minutes in length, covering a multitude of fitness styles: boot-camp, Pilates, kickboxing, flexibility, low-impact body sculpting, dance fusion, high-intensity training, chair workouts, circuit training, core, and stability training, and so much more!
  • WorkIN educational videos, created to form and shape your heart motives while renewing your mind, according to God’s word. Let us educate you about what it means to live healthy and whole lives in Christ.
  • Monthly replenished workout and work-in videos.
  • A downloadable suggested monthly workout calendar.
  • Closed Facebook group support.
  • You become an important partner who supports Revelation Wellness’s mission to teach the world what it means to love God, get healthy, be whole, and love others.

FAQs about RevWell TV

How is RevWell TV different from your YouTube Channel?
RevWell TV  has complete, 20-45 minute workouts as opposed to short, 3-10 minute workouts. Each workout contains inspirational, heart-thumping music WITH voice instruction to give you the most effective and motivational workout experience possible. Think of YouTube as an appetizer where RevWell TV is a full-course meal you can enjoy whether you are on the go or in the comfort of your home.

How can I access RevWell TV?
RevWell TV will be accessible to any desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device with Wi-Fi capability.

What workout equipment will I need to start?
We will keep it simple! Light to medium hand weights, a resistance tube, a kettlebell, drumsticks or kitchen spoons, and a yoga mat are the basics needed and continually incorporated. As time goes by, we will be sure to create other workouts incorporating the best at-home equipment for those of you desiring to grow your at-home fitness gyms.

How long am I committed to a partnership with Revelation Wellness?
For as long as you desire. Should your life needs change, you can cancel at any time.

What Are Others Saying?

Just finished the "Beauty over Duty" cooldown after my strength workout. What a perfect word for me today as we are celebrating my daughter’s college graduation this week and I will be seeing a lot of family including my ex-husband, etc. Loving because He calls us to, whether or not we get anything in return. Thank you, Alisa. God is working through this ministry in ways I'm sure you cannot imagine.
Why I'm thankful for VIP-TV (Revelation Wellness): I get strengthened in the Lord and never hear anything like this "this is boosting your metabolism so you can sit and eat in front of the TV & still burn calories." Such a cycle of slavery & bondage. Yes, I actually heard that yesterday BUT was unaffected because of God's word/Word deeply embedded within my heart & mind. Praise God for Revelation Wellness
When my son said, "I don't want to go to the gym, let's stay home," I knew how I was going to move today. Tackled the jump rope warmup and the tabata workout and was in tears with the message. Thank you, Alisa, for always bringing the Word when I need it!
Breanne, CA
I just got caught up on all the workINs and I have my cute little notebook filled with notes. Wow! They are amazing. The whole restoring body image series with Mel is phenomenal. The workINs alone are worth the price of VIPtv. God is surely doing a good work in so many ways through Rev Well!

Check out some of our most popular workouts!

Every RevWell TV workout is filled with Truth and Spirit because our instructors use their hearts, minds, and WORDS to train your hope and move you in Love. Workouts are updated and refreshed on a monthly basis and will consist of uplifting, beat-driving, Spirit-thumping music, and appropriately challenging content for everyone!

(Intermediate to Advanced Fitness Level)

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(Intermediate to Advanced Fitness Level)

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MOBILITY WORKOUT(Beginner Fitness Level)

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