Rim to Him

Experience God in the Grand Canyon

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Rim to Him Spring 2019: SOLD OUT!
May 23 – May 26 (4 days, 3 nights)

Rim to Him Fall 2019
October 10- October 13 (4 days, 3 nights)




Do you feel a call to adventure and a desire to experience the presence of God in a tangible way through nature? Then join us in hiking the Grand Canyon in one day, and experience God’s power, presence, and love for you!

Rim to Him is a one-of-a-kind, co-ed adventure/fundraising hike where you will come to know more deeply that with God, all things are possible!


  • Complete 5-month training program
  • 8 weeks of coaching and accountability
  • 4 days and 3 nights lodging at the Grand Canyon
  • Full round-trip service transportation to/from Phoenix
  • A “wholistic” (mind, body, soul, and Spirit) approach to the entire event
  • A team of experienced Grand Canyon training guides (shepherds)
  • Two certified wilderness first-responder guides for each hike
  • A commemorative team shirt
  • A souvenir swag-bag
  • An authentic grace-filled community of people
For questions regarding this event, please contact Director of Events- Kristen Ulin  kulin@revelationwellness.org
  • Thursday, October 10 – Travel to South Rim of the Grand Canyon from Phoenix, AZ with entire team via Revelation Wellness Shuttle.
  • Friday, October 11 – 20 hikers and 5 shepherds will hike South Bright Angel Trail to North Kaibab Trail. (The remaining 20 hikers will be transported by bus to the north rim of the Grand Canyon where they will receive and welcome their team mates.)
  • Saturday, October 12 – 20 hikers and 5 shepherds will hike North Kaibab to South Bright Angel trail. (The remaining 20 hikers will be transported by bus to the south rim of the Grand Canyon where they will receive and welcome their fellow teammates.)
  • Sunday, October 13 – All return to Phoenix, AZ from the Grand Canyon.


Friday’s hike is more advanced. This is a 22.7-mile hike (9.7 miles down, 13.0 miles up) starting at an elevation of 6782 ft. at the South Bright Angel trail with a 4263-ft. descent. You will finish with a 5412-ft. ascent up the North Kaibab Trail, ending at an elevation of 8180 feet. (The quick altitude increase due to the steeper ascent makes this a more challenging hike.) The south to north rim hike is known for its beautiful colors and glorious rock formations as you ascend the north canyon wall! This is a breath-taking hike and it’s our most popular!

  • Friday’s hike would travel right to left on the map below

Saturday’s hike is a 22.7-mile hike (13.0 miles down, 9.7 miles up) starting the North Kaibab Trail (elevation 8180 feet) with a 5412-ft. descent. You will then ascend 4263 ft. up the South Bright Angel Trail, finishing at 6782 feet in elevation. This hike is known for its beautiful views from the north wall as you hike down along the winding river bed to the valley floor where the historic Phantom Ranch is found. Once you cross the Colorado River you will begin the majestic climb, tucked in the cleft of the rocks, up the South Bright Angel trail. Less experienced hikers would say that rim to rim, north to south, is the way to go!

  • Saturday’s hike would travel left to right on the map below
  • $375 non-refundable registration fee per person
  • Each hiker agrees to fundraise $1500 in tax-deductible donations for Revelation Wellness®, to bring hope, through fitness/wellness, to others in need around the globe.

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Important Notes

Out-of-State Hikers
All out-of-state hikers must live near trainable terrain, own a smart phone for tracking hikes, and agree to be accountable to our team of experienced trainers leading up to the day of the event.

Important Medical Advisory
This is not a couch to canyon event. In other words, Rim to Him is not to be used as a one year goal to go from a sedentary to more active lifestyle.

Rim to Him is for the person who has been cleared by their physician for physical exercise, currently participates in 3-5x a week of physical activity, and is not more than 40 pounds overweight.

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