Raising Arrows

Raising Arrows

Revelation Wellness May 17, 2017 (2) comments


“Children are a heritage from the Lord; offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.” Psalm 127:3-4

I will never forget the day I told my husband that I was pregnant with our first child. We were still in college and had our plans mapped out to the very last detail, and a child was not part of our plan for that time! I remember we sat knee to knee across from each other, as his eyes grew wider than tennis balls. We both sat in silence and proceeded to take 4 more pregnancy tests that evening before we believed it was true.

The next few months felt like a blur as all my college friends were out partying, planning exotic vacations, and studying abroad; all while I was putting on weight like there was no tomorrow. The fairy tale romance of marriage and motherhood was not at all what the movies had made it out to be. I wanted to run away, and if I hadn’t been weighed down by all that extra pregnancy weight, I probably would have tried. Our daughter was born via an unplanned C-section, and one month after graduation, we moved from Oklahoma to Texas for my husband to pursue his Doctoral degree.

This season felt dark and lonely. I was in a different state with no friends, a new husband, broken dreams, and a baby I had no idea how to raise staring back at me. I cried often.

But God. Have you ever had a “but God” moment? The moment when you look back on your life and realize “Wow, he intervened and saved me from going down a long, dark, ugly road.” God met me in this extremely dark and lonely season. He uprooted junk in me that I didn’t know existed and replanted fresh, thriving soil. He used this new baby of mine to teach me about his love for me.

The first time I read Psalm 127:3-4 that says children are a reward I honestly laughed out loud. How was changing poopy diapers, getting no sleep and saying goodbye to my dreams a reward? As I shared these raw, vulnerable thoughts with God, He began to show me how I am His child. He could have said no to my poopy diapers and pursued his own dreams. Instead He chose me. And He chooses you. When I began to see how deep my own Heavenly Father’s love is for me, that same love began to bloom for my own children. Instead of viewing them as burdens I began to view them as blessings.

Here are a few ways that God parents us like we do our own children:

• When my child was learning to walk I didn’t shame her when she fell. Instead, I cheered her on and told her to try, try, try again. God does the same thing with us when we fall.
• When my child sins, I do not publicly humiliate him, telling everyone what he did. Instead, I lovingly discipline, redirect and love him. God does the same for us when we sin.
• When my child is afraid I pray with her, speak life over her and hold her. When we are afraid God holds us and commands that spirit of fear to leave.

Just as Psalm 127:4 says, “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth”, we are raising arrows that will penetrate the darkness and bring light everywhere they go. Those arrows have also revealed my own selfishness, insecurity, pride and unrealistic expectations. These arrows of mine have made me into a woman I would have never become in my own strength. God knew he needed to bless me with these arrows because we truly are better together.

How does parenting show YOU God’s heart? How do your children make you #bettertogether?

Rachael Gilbert        
Revelation Wellness Instructor, Blogger, Wife, Momma and Daughter of God






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Sandra Freitas May 17, 2017

Love, love, love, this post. Thank you, Rachel, for sharing and opening up your heart. We all need this reminder of how God loves us and how our children are blessings. I have realized my children are NOT mine. They are HIS and I have to do my best to make God proud of how I take care of them, love them, listen to them, and make time for them. I pray He will let me be their earthly mom close to forever.


Bridget May 24, 2017

Oh my goodness, Rachael, thank you so much. So encouraging.

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