A Step Into Wonder

A Step Into Wonder

Revelation Wellness May 9, 2018 (8) comments

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:9, ESV)

May is a month of transition within a year full of change. I will complete a fellowship program and look for jobs that are not directly related to my college degree. In a few weeks, I’ll be walking into a sea of unknown.

I am not one who naturally embraces the unknown with a sense of adventure and whimsy. I find it difficult to think of the potential that is within the unknown. In my mind, he is dreadful — a monster that hides under my bed. The unknown brings unrest and unease. I can’t plan an interview with him, and I’m not sure if I’m even qualified to give him a call. There are fewer and fewer days remaining before I meet with the unknown face-to-face.

I realize this perspective is forgetful of God and His promises. Like the narrator of Ecclesiastes, Qoheleth, I can be misled by my own ill-conceived wisdom, believing that all is wind and vanity and that God’s wisdom is not enough. I often miss the bigger, Truer picture. I must look at the unknown through a new light, with my feet rooted in God’s Truth.

Of course, reflection reminds me that the unknown is not as foreboding as I tend to imagine. God has used the unknown for His glory. He has brought me gifts, like my church and my marriage. He has ushered me into a fellowship program that feeds my desire to learn more about God and Truth. When I have walked up to the unknown with a door swinging wide to a season filled with trials and challenge, God has always made sure to meet me with friends and loved ones close by.

The unknown is only dreadful when I forget that the Creator of all things is also the Knower of all time.

As Abraham, Sarah, and Jacob were renamed by God at the cusp of great change and revelation, I feel God calling me to give the unknown a new name. This name should acknowledge how the unknown is only unknown to me, not to God. It should reflect hope and embrace the mystery of the months ahead.

“No longer shall your name be called Unknown, but your name shall be

Wonder, for you are a mystery that is known by the King of all creation.”

Genesis 17:5 (adapted by Gabby Wenos)

This month, I intend to leap into Wonder while drawing near to Christ. Whether I am exercising in the gym, running on the trails, applying for jobs, or cooking a meal with my husband, I pray that I can step back and let God take the lead.

How do you feel when walking into a time of change or transition? Does the unknown thrill you or scare you? How can you move in faith today?

Let’s pray against fear and receive God’s call to “be strong and courageous” (Joshua 1:9)!  


Gabrielle Wenos is the Revelation Wellness Staff Writer, a wife, a soon-to-be Revelation Wellness Instructor (Platoon 21), and a lover of books and coffee. You can connect with her on social media at @gabbywenos.

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Move your body in as many rounds as possible and allow God to speak to you through his Word.




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Zsa zsa May 9, 2018

A word in due season, how good it is!


Jennifer Norby May 9, 2018

Thank you for this timely reminder about worrying and the unknown. It was exactly what I needed to here.


Deb May 9, 2018

Gabby, thanks for speaking truth into our hearts--Prayers for your beautiful future in friendship with the great knower of all time! and thanks for a great workout!


Joni May 10, 2018

A timely word! ThAnk you


Janet Ciccone May 10, 2018

What a great reminder! Im one or those who doesnt like the unkonwn. Reason why i haven’t signed up yet for Rev training. Facing serious challenges at home makes think more of the outcome than seeing what god is doing Here and now. ThanK you for putting In a different perspective and reminding me He is faithful. PrayIng for God’s leading and wisdom to open these doors for me... the unknown to me but known to Him.


ad_gabby January 3, 2019

I pray you into Revelation Wellness Instructor Training! It was a life-changing experience. The Lord will make a way for you!


ad_gabby January 3, 2019

Thank you for your prayers, Deb!


ad_gabby January 3, 2019

This is so good to hear, Jennifer! Thank you for being obedient to the Lord!

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