He is Worth the Risk

He is Worth the Risk

Revelation Wellness June 27, 2018 (3) comments


Confident. Recently the Lord gave me this word, and it has pulled me into a new season of boldly asking and trusting the Lord.

As I study this word, I begin to see that true confidence —God-fidence— is utterly founded in looking to God instead of myself, my abilities, or my circumstances. This is my life verse: “I sought the Lord and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame” (Psalm 34:4-5). True confidence comes from looking to God, leaning on Him, and surrendering to Him.

My family and I are in a season of risk. The Lord is inviting us into some big changes that require our eyes and hearts to be set solely on Him. God first, God only. It is uncomfortable and sometimes downright scary until I remember that sweet truth – “Those who look to Him…..”

Confidence is found in gazing at Him first. Look to Him, then step out boldly. This whole month of Bold In the Soul has its entire foundation and premise on the truth that HE IS WORTH THE RISK. Any freedom, any boldness we gain is through Christ and His boldness. We base our confidence on HIM and then live out of that.

I recently printed some documents at an office store, and due to the cost of color, ordered them in black and white instead. When I picked them up, I quickly saw that the store accidentally printed them in color. The sweet lady behind the counter said, “We didn’t want to waste all this paper, so you can just have them in color for the price of black and white prints since it was our mistake!” I walked away thinking what a sweet thing it was for her to do that. Later, the Lord whispered, “You ordered black and white, but I gave you color. I have COLOR for you. ASK ME. Be bold and confident. ASK.”  

You see, “bold in the soul” isn’t just a month in the year that Revelation Wellness does. It is a lifestyle we learn to live based on confidence in our God– on His goodness, His faithfulness, His love. We are off the hook to make things happen. We simply abide and obey out of love and confidence in His good heart.

When God called Abraham to leave all that was familiar and follow His leading to the promised land, Abraham simply gave God his YES. He followed God into the unknown and was rewarded with not just the promised land, but intimacy with God, Himself.

One of the greatest rewards of intimacy with God is greater confidence in Him and boldness in our lives. As we spend time with Him, study His word and learn to hear and obey His voice, we develop confidence. This confidence enables us to say YES when He invites us to “…forget all of the past as I fasten my heart to the future instead (Philippians 3:13b).

What does this confidence look like for you today and as we move forward? Where is the Lord asking you to be CONFIDENT? What aspect of His character are you leaning into?

You don’t have to muster up confidence and boldness in yourself. Look at God’s face. Gaze upon His goodness and receive His strength. Then step out into the deep waters of His grace. You will find your promised land and intimacy with Him there.


Heather Johnson has been a Rev Well instructor for over 6 years and serves as the Director of Culture. Her passion is helping people discover their God-given destiny and encouraging them to enter in.





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Pamela June 27, 2018

This is totally my problem. I’ve been looking to my own strenth and abili to cause me to have conf. Only God can give me the confidence and boldness and fearlessNess that I have Been desiring all of my life. I thought that if I could just improve my skill level and my knowledge level, that this would give me confidence. This has not worked For me yet. The scripture Psalm 34:4 was very eye-opening for me. Only seeking God can deliver me from all my fears and impute confidence. Tnis is where I have been lacking in my walk with GOd. I have not been seeking Him to the degree that I have been seeking confidence, skill seT, knowledge set, credentials, and people. Thank you for today’s lesson. I have taken on a new pursuit.


stacy fletcher June 27, 2018

Love this! nicely and neatly tied up into good and sweet little lesson!


Tara McIlrath June 28, 2018

I LOVE YOU, Heather! I love how you said, "you dont have to muster up confidence and boldness in yourself" I don't have to pep myself up and, well, muster is a great word to describe it. all i do is turn my gaze to Him. just look. just look at him, think about his goodness, his power. I LOVE it. Thanks so much for posting. Your Tara T

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