Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye

Revelation Wellness August 1, 2018 (2) comments

Let’s all take a minute to count on one hand how many times our faith has led us into a dry and arid place instead of a vacation by the sea. What’s that you say? Are you going to need to borrow someone else’s hands and feet to count them all? I get it. I’m with you, and I’m sure many others reading this right now are too! What fantastic stories we could tell each other around a campfire on a starry night!

Now let’s remember how near God was to us when His Spirit pulled us away from our comforts and into the wild. Let’s remember all of the things we learned and the ways our faith became a deeper reality and not simply a nice concept that good people put into practice.

We are always on God’s mind. It’s why His Word says that He jealous for us. He wants our attention. He will do whatever it takes, and He will take us wherever we need to go so we can see His face more clearly and follow His heart more closely. Then, like two best friends or lovers sitting around a campfire in the wilderness, telling stories and gazing at the stars, we will know without a doubt that He sees us, hears us, and is committed to being with us.

When we give God our full attention, we can be assured that we will receive a more magnificent revelation of His goodness in Christ as she shows us His glory and His kindness. In this way, He leads us to want better things and more of Himself.

Today, I have a fun story to share with you to kick off this month’s #bravethewilderness spiritual training. In just under 7 minutes, I promise you will have a clearer picture of how close God wants to be to us, even when we lose our cool in a spiritually dry and desolate season.

Alisa is the founder of Revelation Wellness and the author of The Wellness Revelation. She was born for the battle of freedom! She is an ordinary woman who spends time with Jesus, and then He causes her to rise up and do extraordinary things. Starting a ministry, writing, teaching, and speaking being some of those things.

Thank you for reading along on the Revelation Wellness Blog this week!  This month, we are learning what it means to #bravethewilderness by God’s strength. Feel free to drop us a note about your wilderness story, at testify@revelationwellness.org. Your testimony brings God glory!

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Pilates is a form of exercise that aims to develop flexibility, good posture, strength and balance all at the same time.  This workout will focus on the smaller muscle groups that are often neglected. Grab some resistance bands and your mat and enjoy this gentle yet challenging workout as your train your breath and muscles.  (ALL LEVELS) (PSALM 1; RESISTANCE BAND & YOGA MAT)

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Kim Yekzaman August 1, 2018

Please pray for me! Weight is always been my baTtle. i just want peace from the battle. Blessings, Kim


katherine l Gillett August 1, 2018

Alisa, if you have any desire to come to Atlanta after your time in Nashville, I would love to host you here for a visit. I am part of a womens group that could really be inspired by your messages of Forgiveness, Wilderness, Fitness... Please let me know, Fondly following you and knowing Jesus Better because of you, Kathy

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