Made to Flourish

Made to Flourish

Revelation Wellness September 26, 2018 (4) comments

I will never forget the moment I became a mother and my child was placed in my arms. It was a holy moment. I looked into the eyes of my son, knowing that I loved him instantly. He belonged to me and everything that was mine belonged to him as well.

Three and a half years later, my daughter was born, and the scene played out again. I loved her with everything in me. She belonged to me, and I would move mountains–if it were in my power– to protect her.

Eight years later, two more children were placed in my arms. This time, the meeting was very different. The joining of their lives to mine felt far less holy and more like a storm of uncertainty for all of us. The moment I signed the adoption papers, I was the mother of a 9-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy who had lived a lifetime of confusion and difficulty before they became mine. They had ties to a family and a history that I didn’t understand. They had lived in an identity marked by scarcity and insecurity. Though they had a family by birth, they carried the spirit of an orphan around with them.

When I adopted my children, they became mine in an instant. They were every bit as much heirs to everything our family represented or possessed as my biological children. But the status of their new identity was incredibly difficult for them to live in as their reality.

You see, an orphan spirit clings to the past and lives out of the fear that there is never enough. Never enough love, never enough provision, never enough acceptance. Never enough of anything. The result is chaos, striving, and clawing– competing for every scrap of what the wounded spirit demands in order to survive. It’s lonely and exhausting to live as an orphan when the reality that is unseen (but absolutely true) is one of abundance and sufficiency.

I watched this young girl who had been given to me continue to live as an orphan when her identity as a daughter was fully accessible. She continued to struggle for years, unable to let her walls down and be fully loved. She stayed stuck until the terrible day we received an email that her birth mother had died, and her only remaining tie to the identity of her past died as well.

I held my weeping daughter at the funeral of the woman who gave her life and saw a miraculous shift happen. She walked into that funeral as an orphan, and she walked out as a daughter. She chose to lay her past to rest along with her mother. God met her there, as a thirteen-year-old girl who lost an identity she had been clinging to for survival. He opened her eyes to her identity as a beloved daughter that had belonged to her all along. She began walking in peace. She started healing and thriving when she stopped holding on to who she had been, choosing to walk forward into an uncertain future filled with promise.

We cannot flourish when we are unable or unwilling to live from our identity as children and heirs to all that God has for us. Stuck in the lies and unbelief of our past, we live numb to reality, struggling in unfulfilled lives marked by striving instead of thriving. This is not your purpose, just as it is not my daughter’s purpose! You were made for more.

Picking up your crown and living as a beloved child of God is more than just intellectually knowing who you are. It means fighting to agree with at a heart level that you are who God says you are because of Christ. It means training your heart every day to live out of your true identity. It means refusing to settle for anything other than what God has called you to. It means picking up your crown daily and living as an heir instead of an orphan.

Beautiful child of God, is there a place in your heart where you have remained an orphan? May you find the courage to step out of your past. May you pick up your sword and fight to keep your crown firmly planted where it belongs. May you walk into a future where you thrive, knowing that in the Kingdom of God, because of Christ, there is always enough for you. May you experience the bold confidence of being an heir to the crown in God’s abundant Kingdom.


Tracy East is a Daughter of God who is passionate about walking in freedom. She is a Revelation Wellness Instructor from Platoon 19 and lives with her husband and 4 teenagers in Raleigh NC. Along with her husband Brian, she facilitates the ministry of Revelation Wellness Raleigh.

Instagram @tracyeast22 or Facebook @RevelationWellnessRaleigh

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Donna September 26, 2018

You finally made me see all I have felt all my life. My mother died when I was 16. I have lived like an orphan. Fighting for love and acceptamce. Thank you.


Ana fernandez September 26, 2018

What an amaZing tesimoney. I to need to leave the oadt behjNd and look forward to what God has planned for my life. Lord teach me To walk in my rightful place knowing im an heir to the criwn and god loves me and has a plan for me in his kingsom praying i would walk and live in that plan each and everYday.


ad_gabby January 3, 2019

You are an heir to the crown, Ana! We are thankful you are part of the Revelation Wellness Community!


ad_gabby January 3, 2019

We are praying for you, Donna. The Lord loves you and draws you nearer to Himself.

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