Ask this question before you try to be stronger

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” -Psalm 121 : 1-2

About a year ago, God gave me a picture of me trying to push a broken down car up a hill all by myself. There I was, pushing with all my might, back against the car, inching it along up the hill.  Can you see it?  The striving. The hard work. Doing it all on my own. Do you ever feel like this?

After I saw this image in my mind’s eye, it was if God said,  “Hey there daughter, why don’t you just stop a minute. Can I offer you a hand? Better than that, will you allow me to fix what is wrong with the car? I’ll fix what is wrong on the inside, and then I’ll invite you to hop into that restored car and enjoy the drive up this mountain with Me.”

Well, yes, God! That sounds so much better. To tell you the truth, I’m struggling here. What a weight off my back that would be, and what a joy!  But then, what do I do now? Are you actually going to come through on this? Do you really have what I need? This is taking longer than I thought…

Such thoughts encapsulate my pride and my fears when they rise up. It’s easy to find myself back on that hill, pushing and striving, wondering why the mountains aren’t moving.

Here is what I am learning. I must remember to focus my eyes on God and remember that He is faithful. I find that too often my eyes are focused on myself. I can start to believe that lie that my own strength is enough. I find myself remembering my past failures and disappointments instead of remembering God’s faithfulness. And in my moping, my eyes tend to focus on everyone else who seems to be joyfully driving up that mountain ahead of me without a care in the world and then posting it on Instagram, #leavingmeinthedust.

The Psalmist asks, “Where does my help come from?” My own strength? My past? The approval of others? Instagram?  No.

“My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.”  

So how do I lift my eyes? I have to actually stop. Rest. Surrender. Wait. I must let go of my pride and admit my need, and then wait on His timing.  When I stop to rest, I start to remember God’s faithfulness in my life. I start to open my heart up to His love and enjoy the God who created me and trust that He has a better way. As I repent, He will get to work on fixing what is broken on the inside, and then He will equip me to do the things He has planned for me. His plans are more than I could ever ask or imagine. I know that He will take me into more life and more adventure than I could ever anticipate.

In the past year, I’ve seen God do this in my life.  He’s been moving mountains in my heart in areas of fear, unbelief, and self-reliance. Last year He asked me to step out in faith and go through instructor training. Now in my daily life, He asks me to get out of my comfort zone and lead fitness classes at my church, to boldly lead Wellness Revelation classes in our community, and to bring more kindness, vulnerability, and surrender to my marriage, parenting, and friendships. All the while, He is doing the work in me. He’s building my faith, healing my brokenness, and reminding me who I am because of who He is. These are not always comfortable places for me or even places I ever expected to be! God’s ways are not my ways. They are so much better.

You may feel like you aren’t going anywhere. You may feel like that mountain is never going away. You may feel like God doesn’t see you. You may feel tired and defeated and worn out.  But this is what I know. Our God is faithful. He will do it.  He will finish the work He started in you.  He will never leave you or forsake you. He will cover you with His wings. He will be strong when you are weak. He will make a way. That mountain will move because our God is faithful.  In the meantime, you get to fix your eyes on Jesus and enjoy being with the God of the universe.

“He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” -Psalm 91:4

In the comments below share with us, what seems to be the mountain in front of you today? Where in your life are you striving to push that car up the hill? I challenge you to stop striving, rest in His love and faithfulness, and lift up your eyes.


Erin Scheu lives in Denver, CO with her husband and three kids.  She loves quiet mornings, running, hiking, coffee, and now finds herself as a fitness teacher gospel preacher in her community.  She also has a blog about the new adventures Jesus is taking her on. You can follow her on her personal blog at erinscheu.wordpress.com  or on Instagram, @escheu22


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Becky hunter November 14, 2018

OIh duster Warrior, thank yiu! My winderf husband just preachedcon SEEKING JESUS FACE. God has told us as a cou t down siz our hime. As a wofe fir me to keep loosing weight frim past and ti let jes increase and me decrease. God told me to get off of Social media thankbyiubfirvyouriniatry. Because of the hurricanes, I have now Just finished HEIR!!! PRAUSE OUR ABBA FATHER!!!!✝️ The LORD. Our LORD JESUS. Has lifted me from a horrible pit. HE has cleansed me. HE has bought me and brought me back to seek HIS face. ✝️Not this worlds desires. WHO is GOD beside our LORD? HIS right hand sustains me. HE makes me to stand on the heights. HE makes me strong for battle. ✝️So blessed to be on this Rev Well journey with you all. Our JESUS. FULL of mercy and grace. PRAISE MY ROCK!!! Praise YOU LORD JESUS. YOU show unfailing love. Praying over you as you praise the Lord and pass the amo Blessings from SC


Ana November 14, 2018

Thank You for your words this morning. I'm feeling this same way, my job after 28 years has been eliminated.I'm now in the 60 day search period to find a job within. However, I don't feel that I should remain in the same job. I have become very comfortable and stopped growing. I've become worn out with the same job it became more like a habit than a job. I stopped looking forward to going to work. There was no JOy, meaning, and I couldn't find my purpose. My mountain is finding a job, not just any job, but one with purpose one that I will wake up and feel the excitement to go to work, one where I'm appreciated needed and called for a purpose.


Nickie November 14, 2018

The mountain in fryof me today seems to be the number on the scale and it's refusal to move down , no matter my effort!


donna mayberry November 14, 2018

Amazing message, Erin! I hahve personally seen this transformation in your life. And i am so proud of you! Thanks for leading me there as well. :)


Mikki November 14, 2018

Thank you so much for this. I needed this reminder. I have been blogging for years and recently rebranded myself with a focus on Healthy Living. It's been an uphill battle though for some reason. When i first made the switch, i thought i knew my vision and such. but lately i've been feeling lost. ready to give in. I join business groups, blog growth groups and so on and so on - guess those are my broken car - but lately I feel like God has said let go. He did that this summmer and I took a break. I thoguht I had it fugure out what he wanted me to do, but now I feel like i'm back pushing the car again. this was a reminder to me that I need to stop and focus on him - look to him, ask him.. be still before him. thank you!


Morgan November 14, 2018

Thank you. The moment I read the first sentence, my eyes teared up. I could feel Gods hand compelling me to read more and more. My personal walk with jesus is suffering. I'm so overwhelmed with the stress of work, business of ministry, and my own personal health issues that I have taken my eyes of my creator. I have never felt so defeated and sad than I do now. I'm 100% focused on my body's inability to be normal and how miserable I feel, that I have taken it upon myself to fix myself. Your words stirred something in me. God wants to fix what's broken inside of me physically too. I lift my eyes to my HIm.


Rebecca Watson November 14, 2018

Hi, I know the Lord is calling me to do this, do you ever come to Kansas City Missouri?


Jennifer Robinson November 15, 2018

Thank you for sharing your testimony and God's word. I am currently looking for a new job one that would make a difference in my community. I am seeking God and asking Him to reveal to me my purpose . Father in Heaven, Reveal to me your plans and purpose and place them in my heart. I want to serve you alone. I cannot do this alone without you. I need you Lord. help me to get rid of old attitudes and beliefs that keep trying to come against me to fulfill my purpose. In Jesus name. Amen. I worship You and Praise your Mighty name!


ANGELA CRUFF November 18, 2018

Thank you for this wonderful message Erin! It is though provoking and a great reminder to me. The verse your quote from Psalm 91:4 is the verse I was just given during my Platoon 21 retreat.

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