Read this if you think Revelation Wellness is just for women

Join us today for an interview with Brian East, a Revelation Wellness Instructor from Platoon 20. He hopes to encourage other men to pursue training because Revelation Wellness is for you too!

Gabby: Hey Brian, as one of a growing number of male Revelation Wellness Instructors, I thought it would be a great idea to interview you about your experience as an instructor, how you use it, and why it is something other men should pursue.

Let’s start from the beginning, how did you find out about Revelation Wellness and Revelation Wellness Instructor training?

Brian: My wife Tracy saw a post about Revelation Wellness on Facebook and she started looking into it. The first Rev on the Road event in Hickory, NC was happening a few weeks after that and she signed up. She kept inviting me to go, but I was somewhere between uninterested and resistant. Before Rev on the Road arrived, Tracy had signed up for Instructor Training (Platoon 19), and she made it clear that she really wanted me to go to Hickory so I would have some idea what she was becoming a part of. I agreed and went – and God met me powerfully that Friday night. The message blew my mind, and the time of stretching and worship on the mat wrecked all my defenses.

It was a long road from Rev on the Road to Revelation Wellness Instructor Training. Over the course of about 5 months, God continued to soften me and draw me. Literally, every time (seriously, every time) I watched or even overheard a Rev video about Instructor Training, I would tear up. The freedom I was sensing in those videos was palpable and kept impacting me. In mid-November, just days after she returned from her RWIT retreat, my wife and I had a breakthrough conversation, and I downloaded a packet that very day. I started training for Platoon 20 a couple months later.

G: It is amazing how God works! How did you feel coming into retreat? Did you have time to build camaraderie with your fellow Platoon 20 men?

B: Coming to Retreat felt overwhelming but deeply exciting. I still wasn’t quite sure what I’d gotten myself into, but my expectation was high for God to do some amazing things (just like I’d seen God do in my wife). There was definitely camaraderie between the P20 guys, but I connected especially with my “prayer partner,” Wes. We have stayed connected and become strong friends since training.

G: Before Revelation Wellness, what was your involvement in exercise, athletics, or anything in the fitness industry?

B: Before RW, I worked out a few times a week at the gym and attended some group fitness classes, but I had zero experience leading classes. Being a fitness instructor was nowhere on my radar! There was a distinct moment at Instructor Training retreat where things clicked, and I knew I could do it – and I wanted to!

G: How has your perception of fitness, exercise, the body, or health changed or deepened as a result of your experience as a Revelation Wellness fitness instructor?

B: How much time do you have? My perception of all those things has changed dramatically! The game changer for me was connecting with my body (which I experienced the first time at that Rev on the Road event), seeing that faith and body, brain, soul and spirit could be integrated. It is this integration that leads to true wholeness, rather than a disintegrated and compartmentalized life where the body is kept separate from faith and everything else in life. This was what changed me, and what I want to share with others.

G: What are you doing as a Revelation Wellness instructor now?

B: My wife and I, and now my sister-in-law who just completed Platoon 21 – lead Revelation Wellness Raleigh in North Carolina. We offer Revelation Fitness classes and help facilitate the Wellness Revelation study throughout the year.

G: What can you say that may encourage other men who love Christ to pursue Revelation Wellness Instructor Training?

B: Listen to your heart and do it. If God is calling you here, God will provide. And don’t think that Revelation Wellness is a women’s ministry, because it’s not. It’s a sons and daughters of God fighting-for-freedom ministry. If you’re struggling to grasp who you are as a son of God, if your heart and mind and body are not truly free, even as a Christian, respond to the call of Freedom and come. You won’t regret it for a minute.

G: So, for something fun. Share with us:

Your favorite exercise: Drumstick workouts and yoga

A tip to keep us healthy and whole: Be relentless! Health and wholeness is an ongoing lifestyle of getting free and staying free. There’s no “one and done” way to do it, but once you taste true freedom you won’t want to go back!

Your favorite workout song: You Can’t Stop Me (Andy Mineo) and Come Together (Gary Clark, Jr.)

Brian East is a husband, dad to four teenagers, worship leader, and Star Wars fan! He and his wife Tracy are both Revelation Wellness Instructors. You can follow Brian on Instagram at @bde115 and @RevelationWellnessRaleigh.

Thanks for following along on the Revelation Wellness Blog this week! If you’re a man or a woman interested in loving God, getting healthy, being whole, and loving others, download an instructor training packet today! We are ready for you; God is ready for you!


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John Duggins November 21, 2018

Great story my wife was in platoon 21 and is fired up


melissa gheen November 30, 2018

Thank you Brian! This is wonderful!


ad_gabby December 22, 2018

Thank you for being here, Melissa! Have a Merry Christmas!


ad_gabby December 22, 2018

Hey John! Oh, that is so exciting! Are you interested in training?

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